Jurassic Park vs a weekend warrior

How distant have we ever trafficked on your bicycle? Today let’s go even farther. I’ll take we all a approach to a age of ancient reptiles.

One of Kingdom’s many famous destinations for dinosaur enthusiasts, Phu Wiang National Park in Khon Kaen, was where fossilised skeleton of dinosaurs were found for a initial time in Thailand 40 years ago. The area, that was designated a inhabitant park 15 years after a initial discovery, is done adult of a towering that, when seen from a bird’s-eye view, has a large hole in a middle.

Circled by a towering is a prosaic area that is a plcae of a district called Wiang Kao and a namesake city that is home to Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum and Si Wiang Dinosaur Park. The latter, that sits tighten to a opening to this naturally walled area, is a good place to start your bike ride.

At Si Wiang Dinosaur Park, we will find several life-size sculptures of dinosaurs including class found in a district such as a long-necked sauropod Phuwiangosaurus sirindhornae and a insatiable Siamotyrannus isanensis and Siamosaurus suteethorni. These giants can pierce and bark if we put 10 baht coins into a container of an electric box to activate them. Too bad that day we didn’t have a right change so we couldn’t try.

From a dinosaur park, a Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum is about 9km away. This museum, one of a best of a kind in a country, is a good source of believe on a dinosaurs and other class that coexisted with a archaic reptiles during their heyday. There are also easy-to-understand exhibitions about a planet’s geological history, as good as a altogether universe. It’s really a place to visit.

After finishing with a museum, it’s time to pierce on to a inhabitant park, a domicile of that is during a foothill to a north, about 12km away. From there, you’ll be roving with some-more assent of mind since a towering highway is flanked by timberland trees with small traffic. The stand is light and pleasant.

The park highway takes we to a camping drift adult a hill, from where there are pathways to mine sites where a dinosaur fossils were found. we saw no pointer prohibiting bikes from these paths yet trust me it’s improved to leave and close your supply during a road. The route might demeanour rideable during a commencement yet shortly it will take we to prolonged stairs. Trust me, hauling your bike adult and down those stairs is no fun. Don’t repeat my mistake.

On a mountain, there are a series of waterfalls and clifftop surveillance points. At slightest one of them, Pha Chom Tawan, is simply permitted by bike. However, a perspective there, we contingency say, is not that nice.

At a distant finish of a park road, there is a inlet investigate route that takes we to some-more surveillance points and a dinosaur footprint site. Built with a aim to concede visitors to suffer and learn about a healthy environment, a route is meant for walking not for riding. Don’t feel bad yet since a float behind down a towering will be quick and fun. Make certain we move along some lights. At this time of year, it gets dim early, and a towering highway has no travel light.

Well, see we here again subsequent Thursday. Until then, if we have questions, news or biking insights we wish to share, greatfully feel giveaway to send an email to or go to Freewheel Bangkok village page on Facebook.

Phu Wiang Dinosaur Trail, Wiang Kao, Khon Kaen

GPS co-ordinates (Phu Wiang National Park Headquarters): 16º44’05.88″ N 102º17’08.89″ E

Trail condition: Mostly well-paved road.

Distance: From Si Wiang Dinosaur Park to a museum, and to a finish of a inhabitant park’s entrance road, it’s some-more than 30km. But we can start during a park domicile during a feet of a towering if we usually wish to float on a pacific park road, that is about 12.5km long.

Getting there: From a city of Khon Kaen, expostulate westward on Highway 12 for 48km and you’ll find Road 2038 that leads we into a city of Wiang Kao, from where we can continue to try a dinosaur-related sites.

Parking: It depends on where we wish to start your bike ride, there are so many spots we can leave your car.

Food drinks: In Wiang Kao there are many shops. But in a inhabitant park we are not expected to find any open unless we are there on a weekend. It’s correct to ready some supplies.

What your family can suffer while waiting: Learn about a ancient reptiles and a paleo universe they lived in during a dinosaur museum and during a mine sites in a inhabitant park.

Accommodation: The inhabitant park offers elementary bungalows and camping areas. If we cite some-more gentle hotels and resorts, they are accessible in and around Khon Kaen City not so distant away.

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