Pregnant during Prom: My Life as a Teen Mom

One Friday night over Christmas break, he got me some duck for dinner, and it done me chuck up. we told him that we was late, so we suspicion we should take a test. Finally, 4 certain formula later, we satisfied that we was pregnant, and we usually cried. And he cried. That night, we looked him in a eyes and done him guarantee me that, no matter what, he’d stay with me and we’d get by it together. He was all for it.

we motionless to tell my mom 3 or 4 days later. we was on my approach to a tone ensure Christmas party, and we usually sent her a content that said, “I’m late.” She responded, “Is there any approach we could be pregnant?” And then, we said, “I don’t know.” Finally, she told me she wasn’t going to plead anything some-more around content message, yet we was too frightened to face her alone, so we waited for my beloved to accommodate adult with me. Then, she done me take another test, cried a little, and asked to be alone. After that, though, she was so supportive, and I’m propitious for that.

My dad, though, was a opposite story. My mom asked me not to tell him until after Christmas so we wouldn’t harm a holiday. It was usually so hard. When he initial found out, he was in shock. We had a lot of tough conversations and played out a lot of scenarios. He kept revelation me that we was giving adult my college experience, that we would have to go to village college, and I’d never finish, so we should wait to have kids after in life when we could support them.

we don’t know what was going on with me, yet during that point, we kind of felt like we was in adore and we was going to have my happy family. It was naive, obviously, and we wasn’t meditative clearly about how tough it was going to be. But we couldn’t pierce myself to ever consider about carrying an abortion.

The thing was, we wasn’t on birth control and we weren’t regulating condoms. We indeed had this crazy suspicion that one of us was substantially desolate given we never got pregnant. We were teenagers and we didn’t know any better. We lived in a Bible Belt, so passionate preparation was totally discretionary in high school, and roughly nobody took it. They usually suspicion we should know better. We didn’t.

Before mangle was over, we told my dual “best friends” that we was pregnant. One of them told her beloved who finished adult revelation his sister, and usually like that, it widespread everywhere. When we got behind to school, a teachers looked down on me. It’s a tiny town, so when one chairman found out, everybody did. It was usually like The Scarlet Letter.

As for a rest of my friends, it was a stage from a movie: we got pregnant, and they ran away. we usually had dual people who stranded by me, my friends Tyler and Holly. Actually, when we unequivocally consider about it, my mom became my loyal best friend. we theory we usually wasn’t as fun when we was pregnant, maybe; we couldn’t keep adult with them, generally with their being seniors. Eventually, they all stopped calling. It was hard, emotionally, given we had to go by all of these earthy changes and doctor’s appointments, and they were out carrying fun. we felt like an outcast, that was not me during all. we was used to being one of them.

Five months in, it became transparent that we wasn’t usually putting on weight anymore, and that we was unequivocally pregnant. we was so swollen. we indeed had tomia, and we gained 53 pounds’ value of fluid. The misfortune partial of it all was, a some-more we started to show, a some-more my beloved would lift away. we couldn’t unequivocally see it during a time, yet solemnly he would stop pursuit me after practice, and he eventually stopped entrance over.

One day, he called me adult during propagandize and asked me to come eat lunch with him. He took me to a McDonald’s where we met, given all we ate during my pregnancy was duck nuggets. And right there over a food, he said, “I consider it’d be improved for both of us if we took a mangle from any other for a while. We competence get behind tomorrow, we never know, we usually consider we should take a break.” That was 3 days before prom.

So, we didn’t have a date to my comparison promenade and we was 5 months pregnant. Luckily, Tyler rented a tudo so we wouldn’t have to go by myself. Prom was miserable given my feet and face were so swollen, yet we theory I’m still happy we went. we got to uncover everybody that we wasn’t ashamed of my baby and we wasn’t going to give adult my life usually given we was pregnant. But, God, my feet harm so much! My heels were cute, though…I remember that much.

And afterwards we graduated, 6 months pregnant, yet with honors! we had even taken a college course. we was broke given there were so many people examination me, yet we was unapproachable of myself for creation it. Then, it was summer, and we could frequency move. we attempted walking, yet we didn’t get really far.

Finally, on Aug 1st, we had Tavin. By that point, we was so prepared to get him out of me-I fundamentally got off a conveyor during a sanatorium and asked for a epidural right away. My whole family and my dual best friends came and they stayed with me a whole time. He was innate during 7:23 that night, weighing 7 pounds, eleven ounces. The initial thing out of my mouth when we saw him was, “I wasn’t awaiting a genuine baby!” we don’t know what we was thinking, yet here was this huge, living, breathing, pleasing quadruped fibbing on me. He had these corpulent cheeks, outrageous lips, and my nose. He was so beautiful.

A lot of moms get maternity leave, yet we didn’t wish to tumble behind, so we enrolled right divided in nursing propagandize and started dual weeks after we had Tavin. My mom was a teacher, yet she quit her pursuit so we wouldn’t have to compensate for child care. My family upheld me via all of that, and we graduated in 2013 when Tavin was dual years old. I’ve been a pulmonary oncology helper during a sanatorium ever since. we am so blissful we didn’t have to do it alone, and I’m so beholden my mom taught me all from feeding him to changing his diaper. She’s been my biggest support complement via everything.

Tavin has indeed taught me, too. we never knew we could adore somebody a approach we adore him. we suspicion we knew what adore was before, but…I can’t even explain it. My whole life revolves around him. we can’t devise anything yet creation certain we have a tee-ball diversion organized, or something to do for his pre-school. we consider of him before myself. we work crazy shifts during my pursuit so we can be with him, yet it’s all so value it.

At a same time, though, we wish we would have famous how tough it would be to go to propagandize and have a baby during home. Even more, we wish we knew how tough it’d be for Tavin not to have a father around. My ex-boyfriend hasn’t seen him in months. He came to see him on Christmas, yet that was a initial time in dual years. Tavin calls him by his initial name, not dad. But, that’s a norm: Guys don’t have to lift a child or give birth, so they can usually travel away. Girls don’t have that option. But we wanted my baby, even after he left me.

And that’s how we schooled my possess strength. we detected how smashing it is to be a mom. we do wish we had him after on in life, and we do feel like it’s my error that his father isn’t here. But, we’re doing usually excellent yet him, and Tavin has my father and my brother. we consider infrequently about going even serve in school, given we work during a training sanatorium with residents, and it creates me consider about a future. we feel now that I’ve had this baby and turn a nurse, so we can do anything. Hopefully, I’ll find a good man to be a father and assistance lift him, given he’s a handful and super outgoing. He usually loves people, and he recently became spooky with The Avengers. And, of course, he loves Dierks Bentley given I’ve forced him to listen.

we started realizing over these years that all those things in high propagandize were value giving up, given we have Tavin now. He’s a happy kid, and I’m so really lucky. I’m a improved chairman given of him.

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