10 Canadian Menswear Brands You Should Know

When you think of Canada, images of pine trees, maple leaves and lumberjack shirts may immediately spring to mind, but the colossal country is really coming up trumps when it comes to modern menswear.

A whole host of expert brands have emerged from its provinces in recent years, producing stylish, utilitarian clothing that is designed specifically to deal with the unique needs of its inhabitants.

So, take a look at ten of our favourite Canadian brands below, all of which are available this side of the pond.

1. Canada Goose

The clue is in the name with this brand, which has been creating extreme weather outerwear since 1957.

To this day, each of its practical pieces is produced in its homeland, citing colder climates as “part of our national identity”. Therefore, you know you’re getting a high quality jacket that’ll comfortably see you through our mild (in comparison) British winter.

2. Herschel Supply Co

Vancouver-based Herschel Supply Co’s stylish yet practical bags have become a favourite with men across the globe thanks to their perfect balance of form and function.

The label offers a vast range of fashion-forward solutions for whatever you’re transporting, at extremely accessible price points.

Available at Urban Outfitters.

3. Arc’teryx Veilance

Another brand catering to Canada’s famously adverse weather conditions is Arc’teryx offshoot Veilance, which designs and produces each of its pieces in Vancouver.

With a dedication to high quality, timeless and authentic outerwear, the label caters to outdoorsy types with a love of minimalism.

Great for investment pieces that’ll keep you fully protected from the elements for many winters to come.

Available at

4. Sorel

Founded in Canada in 1962, bootmaker Sorel combines premium craftsmanship with functionality to produce stylish footwear for the modern adventurer.

Next time you find yourself heading out on a mountain hike or navigating the city in the midst of a snowstorm, a pair of Sorel’s practical boots is sure to keep you warm and sure-footed.

Available at

5. Reigning Champ

Opening up shop in 2007, Vancouver-based Reigning Champ is all about the simple menswear staples.

Practicality, quality and style are the cornerstones of this relatively new brand, which designs and develops original fabrics to use across all of its made in Canada pieces.

6. WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie

Founded by twins Messrs Dexter and Byron Peart, this French-sounding label specialises in men’s accessories that hark back to the bygone era of elegant travel.

Inspired by mid-century architecture and furniture, the brand’s products are designed to turn any journey – whether it’s your morning commute or a long-haul flight – into something that’s both luxurious and comfortable.

Available at Mr Porter and Liberty London.

7. Wings+Horns

East meets west in this contemporary menswear label, which combines innovative fabrications with a “Japanese approach to detail”.

Inspired by Canada’s picturesque landscape, wings+horns caters for smart urban dressers, who appreciate the label’s focus on design quality and integrity.

We’re particular fans of its luxurious leather and fleece bomber jackets, which would be ideal for the transition into autumn.

Available at Revolve Clothing.

8. Naked Famous

This Canadian denim label hits back at celebrity endorsement culture with its striking moniker, providing high quality denim at accessible prices without a famous face in its ad campaigns.

As a result, shoppers are able to pick up jeans made from high-end Japanese fabrics in a range of fits, washes and designs for around the £100 mark.

Available at Revolve and Stuarts London.

9. Viberg

Looking for a pair of gentlemanly work boots that’ll go the distance? Look no further than family-owned Canadian brand Viberg.

Over 200 steps go into making each of its shoes, utilising only the best components sourced from across the globe.

Its simple leather options work well for day-to-day wear – try matching with selvedge denim and a rugged flannel shirt for an authentic workerwear aesthetic.

10. Ransom Holding Co

Ransom started out as a chain of multi-branded stores across Canada, before introducing its own footwear designs in 2009.

Since then, the label has seen its trainer line gain a cult following among sneakerheads, who flock to its unique blend of innovative fabrics, futuristic design and accessible price points.

Available at Footpatrol.

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