10 female idols netizens need to stop bashing

10 female idols netizens need to stop bashing

By now, we all know that netizens are hateful. They like to vent their anger and frustration at the world out on idols. Female idols have it worse than male idols, for some reason or another. Many have always pointed out that when dating scandals happen, the female involved will always suffer negatively. But these 10 female idols have had to deal an incessant amount of unnecessary hate, and netizens just need. to. stop.

TWICE’s maknae Chaeyoung often gets targeted for being “rude” to her unnies, or having a supposedly “rude” personality in general. Netizens often call her attention-seeking or vanity-seeking. On one account, netizens bashed her for ignoring her fans waiting outside for her by pretending to talk on the phone.

DIA/IOI’s Jung Chae Yeon

Jung Chae Yeon rose to fame after becoming a member of IOI, and for her gorgeous beauty. Since her newfound success, netizens have been raining down on her with all kinds of trash talk, from arguing that she got double eyelid surgery at a young age (when she stated on broadcast that she didn’t get her eyes done, but her nose), to badmouthing her “thick” legs and spreading rumors about liposuctions.

Around the time Black Pink began teasing for their debut, malicious netizens flocked to online communities to spread accounts of the idol “bullying” her classmates when she was younger and living in New Zealand. Supposedly, a classmate who had been bullied by Jennie in the past uploaded photos of Jennie from their yearbook as proof.

Poor EXID’s Hani has been subject to numerous attacks of unnecessary hate. When she began losing weight after her fancam blew up, netizens bashed her for getting too skinny. When she dated JYJ’s Junsu, netizens did not like how she brought him up too much on broadcasts. When she showed tears too often on broadcasts, netizens had some smack to say about her being superficial.

2NE1’s Park Bom

Park Bom receives an illogical amount of hate from netizens for her visual appearance. You’d think some netizens live for the purpose of finding the next “part” of Park Bom’s face she allegedly went under the knife for, and trash talking her for it.

It’s no secret Seolhyun has been through a lot, especially this year. Anti-fans of Seolhyun constantly spread photos of the idol back when she weighed around 60kgs. She was also subject to so much hate when news of her relationship with Zico broke out, it led to them breaking up.

Red Velvet’s Yeri is the target of netizens who ship the OT4 version of Red Velvet, when the group first debuted. Netizens call her out for being “rude” and “gluttonous” for attention. Supposedly, she is particularly “rude” to her leader unnie Irene. On one account, netizens thought she was being impolite when taking a selca with Jonghyun, because Irene had wanted to be in the picture but was ignored.

While IU is one of the few idols who did not receive much negative backlash when news of her dating Jang Ki Ha went public, she deals with anti-fans targeting her for her Lolita concepts, as well as for “foot-acting (bad acting)”, despite her growing experience in drama roles.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Lastly, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon gets a variety of hate from netizens: hate for plastic surgery rumors, the most recent being that she touched up her lip corners; hate for her previous relationship with EXO’s Baekhyun; and hate for supposedly using her Instagram to leave clues that she’s dating G-Dragon or she’s dating Baekhyun again.

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