10 Useful Web Services

As you’re probably aware there are lots of web-based services nowadays, and you may even have tried using some in the past. While each service undoubtedly can be useful in certain situations, there are some that are far more useful in a much wider range of circumstances than others. In fact, a good place to start would be with this list of the top 10 most useful web services:

  1. Online Video Converter

Videos nowadays come in many different formats, and at some point, or other you may have difficulty playing one of them on a device or platform. The easiest way to fix that would be to convert it to a compatible format – which is what Online Video Converter will let you do.

All you need to do is click and add the file that you want to convert to upload it to Online Video Converter. It will allow you to upload any videos that are up to 100MB large and convert them to MP4 – which is the most widely-supported format.

If you want a more comprehensive converter you can use the desktop version that will let you convert to and from any format you require and has a wide range of other features.

  1. IFTTT

Ever want to put your phone on silent automatically at a particular time? Sync your iOS photos with Google Drive? Get notifications if it is going to be cold or rainy tomorrow? With IFTTT you’ll have access to tons of handy triggers that automate online services including Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, Google Drive, and more.

The handy triggers created in IFTTT are called applets, and you can opt to build your own and share them – or use applets that others have already built.

  1. Google Translate

As its name suggests, Google Translate will provide you with an immediate translation of any text that you paste into it. It supports a wide range of languages and will even automatically detect the language of the text that is pasted.

While the translation won’t be perfect, it is normally good enough to give you an idea of what the passage you’ve pasted is about. One of its more helpful features is the fact that you can paste a website URL if you need it fully translated.

  1. Can I Stream It

Platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon offer up a wide range of content – but as you may have noticed not all TV shows and movies are on all platforms. If you want to find out which service you need to stream a show or movie, Can I Stream It will give you an answer.

The way it works is easy: All you need to do is enter the name of the TV show or movie you want to watch, and Can I Stream It will let you know all the places it can be streamed, bought, downloaded, or even rented online. As more and more streaming services start to provide exclusive content, this web service is likely to continue to become more and more useful.

  1. What Font Is

Have you ever spent ages browsing through fonts to figure out which font is being used on an image or website? All you need to do next time round is head over to What Font Is and upload the image or paste the URL and it will let you know.

If the font isn’t one that is publicly available, What Font Is will suggest the closest match that is.

  1. LastPass

Remembering all the different really secure passwords that you use can be difficult – and creating a file listing them is far from secure. By using LastPass you can encrypt and save your passwords and any other important data – and access them via the website or its mobile apps.

Although the basic service is free, if you want access to the official mobile apps and additional multifactor authentication options, you’ll need to pay a yearly subscription.

  1. ManualsLib

Like many people you probably don’t keep the manuals of all the products that you buy – which can be annoying if you ever actually need them. Rather than trying to find them on the manufacturer’s website, ManualsLib will let you quickly search through a massive collection of PDF manuals for all types of products.

In short, you’ll be able to find the manuals that you need much more quickly and easily, and can then opt to read them online or download them to any device that you prefer.

  1. Print Friendly

Essentially Print Friendly will take any webpage and style it to be more appropriate for printing. It will remove any ads, navigation, and other unnecessary elements automatically, saving you both paper and ink in the process.

  1. Mailinator

If you want to sign-up for an online service but would rather not have your email spammed with the countless offers and promotions that eventually follow – Mailinator is your answer. It will give you a temporary email address that will automatically be destroyed after a few hours.

In short you could use the temporary email to sign-up and use online services without ever disclosing your real email. It will let you check and authenticate your account, so that it will be fully active.

  1. Ookla Speedtest

Are you sure that you’re getting the internet speed that you’re paying for? With Speedtest you can check and find out exactly how fast your connection actually is.

Not only is this useful to let you make sure your connection speed is what it should be, but it is also a useful tool for any activity that requires a stable connection. For example, if you’re going to be placing an important video call or conference, checking your internet speed in advance can be very helpful.

See how each of these web services can be useful? The best part about them is that because they’re entirely web-based they’re literally just a click away, and you can try them out for yourself at any time.

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