10 Ways to Blow Off Steam 

The modern world is a stressful place, and sometimes we need to blow off a little steam after a tough day. Here are 10 things you can do once you get in from work, or when the kids are at school, to help you unwind, relax, and vent.

1. Video Games

Playing a video game can be a great way of blowing of steam. Take out your frustrations on your fictional enemies and other players. Video gaming is a fun, and safe, way of releasing anger and reducing your own stress.

Source: Texas AM University

2. Online Games

MMO’s, or massively multiplayer online games, are not just games. They are alternate realities. You can build a life in these games. Get to know other players, and completely lose yourself. This makes online gaming a brilliant way to blow off steam. Leave your troubles, and problems, in the real world, and go live in your online world for a while. Literally millions of people inhabit these worlds, and there is even talk of MMO gaming becoming an eSport in the future, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just for geeks. MMO is huge.


3. Read

Reading is very much the old-school version of getting lost in another world. But, it’s still effective. Picking up a good book, and spending an hour or two in someone else’s shoes, is a brilliant way to forget your problems. It might even help you spot solutions and put things into perspective.


4. Exercise

Exercise is one of the healthiest ways to blow off steam. Release some energy, let out your stress, and let any anger or pressure from the day power you on. Set yourself goals and targets, and celebrate your achievements. This is the most productive way to blow off steam, make your stress work for you, and get a great, mood boosting Adrenalin rush while you are at it.


5. Cook

Cooking takes a lot of concentration and effort. This makes it another productive way to let off steam. If you’ve had a tough day, reward yourself for making it through by cooking your favorite meal. If you can, get people round to share it with you.

Source: Chicago Tribune

6. Listen to Music

Music can be exceptionally powerful. A piece of music can calm you down or build you up. Listening to calming music might help you chill out, or dancing round the house to an upbeat track could help you to blow off steam.


7. Clean

Another productive way to use some energy is to get stuck into some cleaning. It’ll also give you a great feeling of pride and accomplishment when you’re done.


8. Talk

Talking, like exercise, is a very healthy way to burn off steam. Talk to either a friend, or a professional. Share your worries and concerns. Let them help you find solutions, or just get things off your chest. If you can, try and have some fun. Laughter is one of the best ways to let go of negativity.

Source: American Psychological Association

9. Write

Write a journal, or even start a blog, to write about what’s bothering you. Sometimes, we’re down, or stressed, without understanding why. Writing things down is a fantastic way to make things clearer in your own mind. Although, if you are going to be critical of others, consider keeping it anonymous.

Source: Harvard Health

10. Find a Stress Reliever

Stress relievers, unsurprisingly, can be an effective way of relieving stress. There are many different options, so find something that works for you. Some great options include a stress ball, bubble wrap popping, and a fidget cube.


Being stressed out and tense, can lead to poor sleep patterns, illness, and mental health issues. So, to keep fit and healthy, find ways to blow off steam that work for you. These ideas should help.

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