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You may have gotten this message, “Do you want to be financially free? Join the community of people helping people and get 30% monthly on your spare money“.

This message is from MMM Nigeria, the latest get-rich-quick scheme that is trending.

There’s been a lot of talk about MMM and more and more people are joining every day even though the Nigerian government has warned people against investing in the scheme and is even making moves to shut down its operations.

The thing with MMM is that it has a mouth-watering offer of 30 per cent increase on whatever amount they invest in a month. A lot of people cannot just let this offer pass them by and before they know it, they are hooked and keep increasing their investment.

Below are the stages of addiction every MMM new convert goes through.

1. You think it is a scam

When you hear about MMM and its too good to be true offer, the first thought that comes to your mind is, ‘it is scam.’

2. Someone tries to convince you otherwise

It always starts with somebody in your house, office or wherever. It could be a family member, friend or colleague. They try convincing it is genuine, it is just people helping people, you are not paying your money to MMM and blah blah.

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3. You register because of someone

After resisting, you end up joining because you think you just want to help someone get the referral bonus.

4. You start with little money because you still have doubt

You are scared that your money will disappear so you decide to start small.

5. You get help

OOH LA LA! You have your promised 30 per cent increase.

6. You increase your investment

When your money does not disappear, you increase the amount you are investing. May be you started with N50,000 and the next month you increase it to N100000. Greed sets in and you keep increasing the amount.

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7. You get desperate for referral bonus

You also tell your friends and family and try to convince them why they should join and it is not because you love them but because of referral bonus.

8. You become an MMM promoter

Someone dare not criticize MMM where you are because you will skin them alive.

9. You refuse to believe it will crash

When you hear that MMM will crash, you say it won’t crash now.

10. You don’t believe it is a scam

When people say MMM is a scam, you tell them you want to keep being scammed.

11. You start to spend money anyhow

That is the thing with free money, you spend it anyhow. After all, you did not work for it.

If this is not your MMM addiction story, tell us how your love journey to MMM started.

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