11 TV Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving! And just as importantly, happy long weekend!

Thanks to the holiday weekend, many of you have the next four days off from work and/or school. What better way to celebrate the occasion than plopping down in front of your television, turning your brain off, and binge-watching a brand-new show? You know, other than spending time with your loved ones, of course. Maybe do that first.

Here are 11 TV shows on Netflix that you can easily take down in a four-day weekend:

Before the American remake comes along and ruins everything, find out why everyone loves Idris Elba’s turn as British detective John Luther. The BBC series has produced three seasons, which might sound like a lot, until you realize it’s only 14 episodes. Easily handled in a long weekend.

Speaking of “handled,” you need to handle “Scandal,” if you haven’t done so already. Start small with season one; it’s seven episodes of pure madness, with each and every episode ending in increasingly insane ways. By the time you’re done, you’ll plow right through seasons two and three sooner than you can eat up Olivia Pope’s popcorn.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber and a TV binge-watcher, odds are you’ve already taken care of “House of Cards.” If not, make it a priority. Kevin Spacey’s powerhouse politician Frank Underwood will be back with a third season in no time at all, and you’re not going to want to miss it, based on season two’s ending. Now’s the time to take the plunge.

4. “Terriers”

If you’re a “Gotham” fan, check out Donal Logue in what’s quite possibly his best law enforcement role ever. (In fairness, he’s had a few.) He stars as a recovering alcoholic and private investigator on “Terriers,” the brilliant FX detective series that only survived for a single season. Luckily, everything you need to love “Terriers” is right there in that one season; the commitment is minimal and the payoff is huge.

As far as one-season commitments go, there’s nothing better than “Freaks and Geeks,” especially if you haven’t seen it yet, or even if you have. It’s where some of today’s greatest comedy giants got their start, from Seth Rogen to James Franco and beyond. The turn-of-the-millennium dramedy was canceled well before its time, but its ending satisfies all the same. If you’re a fan of the Apatow gang and you haven’t seen “Freaks and Geeks” yet, you need to fix that mistake this weekend.

If it’s comedy you’re after, look no further than “Bob’s Burgers.” Three seasons of the H. Jon Benjamin series are currently on Netflix, and you’ll truck through it in no time at all. Everybody around you is already quoting “Bob’s Burgers,” and you just don’t know it yet. Time to get on the burger board.

If “Bob’s Burgers” is too much of a comedy commitment, try out “BoJack Horseman,” Netflix’s original animated series that just debuted this year. There are only 12 episodes right now, and at 20ish minutes an episode, you’ll be done with plenty of time to spare. There’s no better place to get your Will Arnett fix. (R.I.P., “The Millers.”)

As far as animation goes, there are few better classics to binge on than “Justice League Unlimited,” one of the very best DC Comics adaptations out there. It’s a quick, easy and super fun way to find out about some of the superheroes we’ll be hearing more and more about in the years ahead, as Warner Bros. prepares to establish its live-action DC movie universe. While Marvel might be leading the pack on the feature film front, DC has had animation on lockdown for years. Check out “JLU” and find out why.

Yes, the first few episodes aren’t great. It takes a while for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s small-screen sibling to heat up. But once it does (right around “T.R.A.C.K.S.,” a few episodes ahead of the “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” tie-in episode), it’s full-tilt from that point out. The most important reason to catch up on season one is so you can get on board with season two. Finally, the Marvel series has found its groove, and you don’t want to miss out on the ride.

11. “American Horror Story”

Maybe you’re craving superheroes but you want nothing to do with the Marvel and DC gang. That’s fine! Go check out “Heroes,” and (A) prepare yourself for the show’s comeback at some point in 2015, and (B) remind yourself why you should probably stick to the Marvel and DC stuff. (Jokes! Only jokes! Well, mostly jokes. Season one is great, at least.)

What are you watching this weekend?

It’s the grossest, and kind of the best, show on TV right now. Best of all, each season is self-contained, so you can watch one season and hit pause ahead of the next season, if you want to watch something else. (Spoiler: You won’t.) Only the first two seasons are available on Netflix right now; season three arrives on December 6. If you’re in need of a gross-out outlet, look no further.

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