14-Year-Old Survives Being Shot Point-Blank In The Head

When one 14-year-old Utah girl never came home one day after school, her parents knew something was wrong and sent out search parties to find her.

On Feb. 16, 14-year-old Deserae Turner was shot by two 16-year-old boys in the back of the head and left to die alone in a canal. When she failed to show up at home, her parents started to worry and called the police. Hours later, a family friend finally found Deserae barely alive after midnight.

Photo by Facebook/Deserae Turner

Deserae was airlifted to the hospital, placed in a medically induced coma, and underwent several risky surgeries to remove as much of the bullet from her brain as possible and try to repair the damage. The teen was in critical condition and doctors weren’t sure how the injury would affect Deserae if she woke up. Nine weeks later, however, Deserae has stunned everyone with her remarkable recovery and is already talking and starting to walk.

“What a great day. Because of the love and care of so many, we are taking our beautiful, courageous daughter home today. Nine weeks ago we did not know if this was possible,” dad Matt Turner said. “I am so thankful to be here today, to be alive,” Deserae said. “I told my dad that I am tougher than a bullet. It is still with me today… I have been working really hard and still have a lot of work to do.”

Photo by KSL

“People all over the world have been praying for me. Some of them I know and some I have never met, and they have never met me, but they cared for me, and they care for you,” Deserae said. “I would like others to know that people are kind and they do care about us and are concerned about us, even when we may think no one is there.”

“We have seen and felt the very best of humanity touch our family’s life over the past several weeks. We know our Heavenly Father has heard your prayers and those heard around the world,” Turner said. “I have felt that my Heavenly Father is with me and has helped me get this far, and I’m so grateful for that,” Deserae added.

Photo by KSL

Watch the entire video below to see how far this teen has come after such a traumatic attack.

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[Featured Image: Facebook/Deserae Turner]

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