16 Pictures Of David Attenborough With Animals That Will Complete Your Life

National treasure doesn’t even begin to cut it — that’s saved for the likes of Cheryl and Rebecca Adlington. David Attenborough is a king among men, a true legend in his own lifetime. (And no, that’s not an overstatement. At. All.) His voice, his calming demeanor, his sassy blue shirt and chino combo… He’s the best thing to ever happen to nature, television and the world as a whole.

Here are 11 things you wondered (and some things you didn’t) but you never knew about him:

1. If reincarnated, he wants to come back as a sloth. Hanging out in trees and hardly moving, we hear you.

2. Aged 11, he collected a large supply of newts for the zoology department of the Unversity College in Leicester where his father was principle. We can’t even.

3. David’s favourite place to film his documentaries is not, in fact, under the sea but in central Europe for the very sensible reasons that you can get ‘decent food and a reasonable bottom of cheap wine’.

4. His first ever pet? A salamander, given to him by his Dad on his 8th birthday.

5. Maybe his most famous moment on camera was when he was eye to eye with a gorilla and said: ‘There is more meaning and mutual understanding in exchanging a glance with a gorilla than any other animal I know’.

6. His worst moment filming? When he got stuck on Mouth Roraima in Venezuela.

7. You may think he’s a lover of all things (like Jesus) but he’s not a big fan of rats — and has a pretty harrowing story about one joining him in a toilet in India that he shared with the world on The Graham Norton Show.

8. The stand-out moment of his career (apart from all of it) was the first time he put on scuba gear and dived into the coral reef.

9. Have you ever noticed he always wears a blue shirt? Not an accident, it’s his trademark thang (with sassy khaki chinos). Once he forgot it on a shoot but luckily tracked one down to wear.

10. And the big one – his favourite animal? He once said ‘a nine-month old baby’ which is a bit of an ‘everyone’s a winner’-type thing in the animal kingdom, but on a Twitter QA he revealed it’s actually a long-tailed tit.

11. You also might think he’s been everywhere but there’s still one place he wants to go — fossil hunting in the centre of the Gobi Desert.

ANYONE else stealing Boaty McBoat Face’s big moment, we’d be angry… But we can’t stay cross at this guy…

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