19 Eerie Photos Of The World’s Grandest Abandoned Hotels

Abandoned buildings and deserted places bring out the curiosity in people.

IT worker Thomas Windisch, from Graz in Austria, went on a 12,000-mile journey of curiosity across Europe, going beyond ‘no entry’ signs of over 100 abandoned hotels along the way. Some hotels have been left empty for more than two decades, with decay leaving a surreal photo opportunity. It’s hard to believe that many of these hotels once hosted royals and high society. In their current dilapidated states, these hotels have evidently been long forgotten by society.

Thomas Windisch set out to capture images of dilapidated buildings across Europe.

Abandoned Hotel 8

He visited over 100 deserted hotels as he searched for the spectacular clash of dilapidation and luxury.

Abandoned Hotel 10

This room in Austria sums up the lonely, empty feeling of some of Europe’s grandest abandoned hotels.

Abandoned Hotel 1

These places have all the hallmarks of a great horror movie.

Abandoned Hotel 18

Windisch describes how the abandoned hotels gave a ‘surreal’ feeling that produced a real wow factor.

Abandoned Hotel 19

He said: ‘Of course I saw some of the shots on the internet before but when I entered the locations for real, I just stood there for several minutes and was like ‘Wow, this is amazing.’

Abandoned Hotel 13

If you squint your eyes, you can almost believe this Italian hotel’s banqueting hall to be a popular spot for rich tourists.

Abandoned Hotel 17

A closer look will reveal the majestic rooms to be engulfed in swathes of dust and moss.

Abandoned Hotel 4

This room appears a lot clearer of dust and decay than some of the others, but the German hotel has been closed for business.

Abandoned Hotel 16

This sitting area in a German hotel has managed to stay mould-free, and looks like it might have some nice views.

Abandoned Hotel 3

The bathroom of a honeymoon suite, would now be a thing of nightmares as oppose to a memory to treasure forever.

Abandoned Hotel 2

This is one place in Austria you wouldn’t want to stay in.

Abandoned Hotel 5

This bathroom was obviously one of this Austrian hotel’s more exquisite spots, but has been left to rot in a sad state of affairs.

Abandoned Hotel 6

Abandoned hotels from Slovenia also feature in the eerie photo album.

Abandoned Hotel 7

The photos show how much effort into interior designing has gone to waste as rooms are left to rot.

Abandoned Hotel 9

Incredibly, the grand piano remains at this Austrian hotel, and you can imagine a little work could restore this venue.

Abandoned Hotel 11

Although perhaps not to everyone’s style, the purple tiling has remained well maintained at this Austrian site.

Abandoned Hotel 12

The decay and the reclaiming of these buildings by nature add a bit of a surreal and mystic touch which makes them unique and even more interesting.

Abandoned Hotel 14

It’s pretty awesome to see areas of a hotel that are normally not accessible for guests and to understand how a big hotel works in the background.

Abandoned Hotel 15

Secret, forgotten places are meant to be discovered. Share these surreal photos with others below.

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