20 best memes of Cowboys season so far: Fans have fun at Romo’s expense; Welcome to the Dak Side

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Cowboys Nation, you probably already know you’re great fans. But if you want further confirmation – or better yet, more bragging rights – a finance firm’s study ranked how “die-hard” every NFL fan base is. The Cowboys came up with an impressive No. 2 among the 32 teams in the league.

The study considered teams’ attendance rates with caveats for how expensive it is to attend each franchise’s games as well as how each team’s chance of winning correlated with attendance. More “die-hard” fans, SmartAsset ruled, show up en masse even if a loss is likely.

So what does the study tell Cowboys fans?

1) 2015 didn’t get Cowboys fans down

The 2015 struggles actually helped America’s Team’s ranking since fans showed up despite a good chance at losses. Dallas battled through expensive snacks, expensive tickets and just four wins through the season to average a 101.8% full ATT Stadium last season. The exact prices the study considered: $110 tickets on average and $6 20-ounce sodas. Our Cowboys are worth it.

2) Da Bears?

Da Bears ranked No. 1 among die-hard fans. It helped the fan base that their team won just 46 percent of games factored in – while tickets still averaged $108. Cowboys fans can probably live with the Bears ahead of them in this ranking considering Dallas dismantled Chicago in Week 3 to break an eight-game home losing streak. Behind 140 rushing yards from Zeke and 248 passing yards from Dak, the rookies won 31-17 dropping the Bears to 0-3.

3) Tough contest in NFC East

All four NFC East teams made the top 10. The Eagles clocked in at No. 3 most die-hard fans, the Giants at fourth and the Redskins tied the Colts for sixth. So having the most die-hard fans in the NFC East is no small accomplishment. America’s Team was up to the challenge anyway. The Giants’ $123 ticket price average was most expensive in the NFL. We’ll stick with no state income tax.

4) What’s that, San Francisco?

The 49ers were named the fifth-most die-hard fans, but they can’t fend off Cowboys Nation. San Francisco and its five Super Bowl titles have “one of the proudest traditions in the NFL,” per the study. Their tickets averaged No. 3 most expensive at $117. $10 beers ranked second-worst. And yet, San Francisco averaged 100.9% attendance rates. So what, you ask? Well let’s throwback to the Cowboys’ 24-17 win at San Francisco in Week 4. San Francisco linebacker The so-called No. 5 die-hard fan base was overwhlemed in California by Cowboys fans.

“I couldn’t believe it,” 49ers LB Ahmad Brooks said. “I was like there’s more Dallas Cowboys fans than there are 49ers fans.”

Of course, Jerry Jones loved that.

5) Lambeau booed Aaron Rodgers

Even top die-hard franchises have betrayed their teams when losing to the Cowboys this year. At No. 5 die-hard San Francisco, shouts of “Let’s Go Cowboys” and “Zeeeke” were common. Green Bay wasn’t top 10 because their fans were too likely to see a win to truly earn their die-hard title. But the No. 11 die-hard franchise had the best five-year attendance rate, with Lambeau Field a whopping 102.88% full. Even so, fans literally booed their QB, Aaron Rodgers, off the field in a 30-16 loss to Dallas. (Watch them boo him here.) Another bonus during the Cowboys’ second-ever win at Lambeau: The multitude of No. 4 jerseys lauding Brett Favre were coincidentally Dak Prescott’s number.

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