3 Lb Baby Has Rare Growth Disorder. When I Found Out How Old He REALLY IS, My Jaw Hit The Floor

Many people are drawn to babies because of how small and adorable they are. Strangers who would normally pass by without a word stop in their tracks, compelled to say something about the tiny humans they find so irresistible.

Jenevieve Cook, a mom of three, has had these sort of encounters multiple times. But her most recent addition is garnering a lot more attention than most other babies.

Matthew Riddle III was born with a rare condition called microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type …

Matthew Riddle III was born into this world at only 28 weeks. Any baby born at that age would be smaller than average, but Matthew’s mother was induced because he had stopped growing normally within his mother’s womb.

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At first doctors were very skeptical, not expecting the little boy to live very long, and there were lots of touch-and-go moments. Matthew ended up spending the first three months of his life in the NICU.

His brain had stopped developing and growing, so his first prognosis was microcephaly. Then, through further testing, it was revealed that he actually had Microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type 2 (MOPDII), a type of dwarfism with a much brighter diagnoses.

Matthew Riddle III

— Beth (@Mother_Warrior) October 30, 2016

His parents are obviously thrilled that they will be able to see Matthew learn to walk, talk, and live his life. He will be able to do anything anyone else can, he will just be extra-small.

Even now, at seven months old, he only weighs a little over three pounds. He wears primarily doll and stuffed animal clothes, since even premie clothes are too big for him.

His parents are struggling to get him the various surgeries and treatments he needs, especially since they have two older boys to care for. Matthew has experienced aneurysms and seizures as side effects of his condition and has had multiple surgeries in California to try and ward off future episodes.

Despite his small stature and the procedures he’s had to endure, Matthew’s future is bright. His family loves him dearly and is looking forward to providing him with a life that’s just like any other boy’s.

What a precious, little boy. He’s lucky to have such loving parents and family.

If you’d like to help out this brave little family, you can donate to their GoFundMe page or follow their Facebook page, Matthews Page: A fight for survival.

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