7 Of The Most Stylish Men You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Red carpet events are predictable affairs – and we don’t just mean the tailoring. Browse any major event coverage online and most of the ‘best dressed’ slideshows you click through tend to throw up the same familiar faces: Hollywood actors styled in luxury labels and chart-topping musicians paying their dues to the brand paying their rent.

But what about the men who – although not front-page news – are every bit as fashionable? Here, we introduce seven of the most stylish, and their styling tricks worth tapping:

Alan Ferguson

Alan Ferguson is a music video director whose fame was relatively confined to music circles until late 2014 – when he married Solange Knowles.

After rubbing shoulders with ‘Yoncé at what was arguably the most hipster wedding of all time, Ferguson proved himself a worthy style icon, thanks to his distinctive blend of heritage style and sleek minimalism. A glove-fit two-piece might read traditional, but Ferguson rejigs it slightly – adding in an oatmeal leather trench coat, or in the case of his all-white wedding suit, a pair of gold toecap shoes. Subtle enough to wear, but bold enough to sing.

Anderson .Paak

The understudy of ex-N.W.A member and billionaire headphone peddler Dr. Dre, Anderson .Paak (real name: Brandon Paak Anderson), is a walking, talking example of when the student becomes the master.

Hip-hop’s most exciting rising star is more than just a multi-talented singer-songwriter-instrumentalist. The 30-year-old has a style as distinctive and free-spirited as his original stage name: Breezy Lovejoy (no judging). Part grunge, part hipster, he looks just at home suited up or streetwear-ed out.

Simon Porte Jacquemus

Paris-based designer Jacquemus might be best known for his NSFW fashions, but it’s his knack for reinventing French classics like the Breton stripe that’s earned him his.

As headline-grabbing as his womenswear designs are, though, it’s his personal style that we think deserves some spotlighting. Like his work, this man’s wardrobe is mostly timeless pieces given a remix – jeans and an asymmetric gingham shirt or an unstructured navy suit styled with black Chelsea boots and a red neckerchief. Bon travail.

Eric Rutherford

Eric Rutherford spends most of his time in the buff. But on the odd occasion he does actually get dressed, he’s really quite good at it.

The actor/model/instaceleb has amassed a global following thanks in no small part to his razor sharp wardrobe, most of which involves well-crafted transitional staples. The remainder? Statement pieces that toe the line between trend and novelty, like a bold checked blazer or a bright suit – always masterfully anchored with muted staples.

Matthew Healy

When Matthew ‘Matty’ Healy opens his mouth, it’s not just million-selling No 1 hits that come out. The shaggy-haired frontman of eclectic Brit band The 1975 is more than comfortable engaging in a tête-à-tête on his favourite designers and their latest collections.

As a result, his look is in the vanguard of edgy, vibrant rock ‘n’ roll style, with effortlessly cool, often all-black, outfits comprising Saint Laurent (of course), Dries Van Noten and J.W. Anderson.

Roberto Raro

We can all identify a Pitti peacock, but rarely can we actually name one. Which is why Roberto Raro, in all of his suited glory, gives a face to the anonymous gaggle.

As director of several menswear stores in the Middle East, Mr Raro encapsulates the sort of bird that nests in Florence for January; the primary colours, the pinstripes, the razor sharp tailoring. But despite the excess, Raro still pulls it off with that essential Italian ingredient: sprezzatura.

Vincent Cassel

If Vincent Cassel’s name sounds familiar, it might be because he’s had starring roles in two of the Ocean’s Trilogy films. Or, and perhaps more likely, you still can’t quite get over the fact that it was him, not you, that got to spend four glorious years married to Monica Bellucci.

But Cassel can teach you more than how to woo cinema’s greatest beauties; he knows how to, er, nail smart-casual too. His go-to? A good shirt – a versatile piece he spruces up with a suit in a complementary shade or plays down with a contrasting blazer, relaxed trousers and sneaker-loafers. Parisian insouciance at its best.

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