7 Quotes By Famous Geniuses (That Everyone Gets Wrong)

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It’s easy to see why the internet is in love with Hemingway’s “Write drunk, edit sober” quote. Not only is it a great excuse to get shitfaced in the middle of the day, but it also confirms what most people think about writing: That it’s a mad art fueled by inspiration and passion, which are more likely to come out and play if you lure them with booze. Also, the entire quote is basically a neat little summary of Ernest Hemingway’s writing style: manly, to the point, and advocating runaway alcoholism.

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Plus, the comma in the quote kind of looks like a trigger.

Why People Need To Stop Using It:

Hemingway never said “Write drunk, edit sober.” The quote is often attributed to him (without a single shred of proof) because, well, it sounds like something Beardy Bull-Killer would say. Still, even if those exact words have never passed his leathery, sun-damaged lips, Hemingway would probably get behind that quote faster than he would a submachine gun, right? Nope. See, Ernest Hemingway never drank when he wrote — at least, not according to his freaking granddaughter.

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In fact, Hemingway kind of said that he couldn’t respect anyone who drank while writing, and criticized William Faulkner for doing exactly that. So what was his secret to cranking out picture-less macho porn? Hard work. He simply got up every day and wrote, wrote, wrote, and never let booze fuel his work because he respected the art of writing too much. Instead, he saved the hooch for other occasions, like taking a break from his work, or beating the crap out of his family.

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