8 Things You Need To Know Today (November 18)

1. Marrakech paves the way for Africa on renewable energy.

Morocco, the host of the COP22, set a high bar for the climate conference, committing to 52 percent green energy target by 2020. Their most ambitious goal may be their plan to develop large-scale infrastructure projects to produce cleaner energy for the country. In the last year they have already made headway by banning plastic bags, planning to extend their urban tram system, replacing high-polluting buses and taxis, and launching an agricultural initiative. ( The Guardian)

2. TOMS Shoes is teaming up with Apple in hopes of providing 10,000 years of solar light.

Yep, the one-for-one shoe brand is offering a philanthropic option to purchasers and owners of the Apple Watch. For every TOMS for Apple Watch band sold, the brand will donate one year of solar light to a household in need. TOMS hopes to provide 10,000 years of solar light. Not too shabby. ( racked)

3. Europe is stepping up its recycling game.

New data shows that, on average, European countries have reduced the amount of trash sent to landfill from 49 percent in 2004 to 34 percent today. In eight countries, including Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland, almost nothing went to landfill, demonstrating the power of recycling initiatives. ( Energy Live News)

4. Having sex at an early age can have consequences.

In a recent study, researchers followed 200 high school students for over seven years and found that early sexual activity (under 15) was associated with an increase risk of depression, substance abuse, and social withdrawal. These risks tended to decrease as the participants got older, but overall, the results showed that delaying sex until later in life is linked to higher self-esteem and better social skills. ( Psychology Today)

5. Stephen Hawking says it’s time to start scoping out a new place to live.

According to Stephen Hawking, we can only occupy planet Earth for another 1,000 years or so because of-you guessed it-climate change. According to Hawking, we need to work to establish colonies on other planets. Let’s get cracking! ( CNN)

6. Embracing ugly produce is perhaps one of the most impactful things you can do for the environment today.

Imperfect Produce is starting to offer the ugly fruits and veggies for a discounted price, saving families money and slowly but surely saving the planet. ( The Guardian)

7. Annie Leibovitz and Gloria Steinem celebrate women in a new photography exhibition.

Annie Leibovitz continues her 1999 photography series, Women, with a new exhibition created in collaboration with Gloria Steinem, WOMEN: New Portraits. Photographs of Patti Smith and Caitlyn Jenner, as well as people like Andrea Medina, a human-rights lawyer defending women in Mexico City, offer different perspectives on womanhood. ( The Cut)

8. Could your Apple Watch be your new doctor?

Apple is rumored to be researching how people with Parkinson’s disease can use their products to monitor their progress between doctor’s visits. The tech may be able to analyze symptoms by tracking voice changes, stiffness, and balance. ( Fast CoExist)


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