Apple realises Samsung’s nightmare as iPhone 7 goes up in flames: Report

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Mat Jones iPhone 7 was a week old, and he said that he had left it in his car under a pair of pants (Image for representation)

An Australian man found himself with a burnt iPhone 7 and a scorched car interior. A new report suggests that the newest iPhone model caught fire in a similar fashion to the Galaxy Note 7.

According to a BGR report, Mat Jones who is an Australian surfing instructor had left his iPhone 7 (which was a week-old) under a pair of pants in his car as he went out for a surfing lesson. On returning he found that his car windows were completely black, and as he opened the door he saw the inside of his car was on fire.

Talking to a local news station (7 News), Jones told that he had no doubt that the iPhone 7 was the source of the fire. According to him, he found ash falling out as he unwrapped the pants – finding the iPhone 7 ‘just melting inside of it’.

Apple is investigating the incident, but if you look at the photos themselves you cannot conclude that the iPhone 7 was the source of the fire. However, if there is any truth to Mat Jones allegations – Apple needs to take well calculated steps to resolve the problem and manage the situation.

After weeks of trying to handle the PR nightmare of the exploding Galaxy Note 7’s, Samsung pulled the plug on its newest Note device for good earlier this month. After an initial recall of the phones, Samsung had incorrectly concluded that the source of the problem were batteries manufactured from a particular factory. With replacement units (with batteries from a new manufacturer) also started catching fire, Samsung decided cut the programme and its losses.

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The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has had a big impact on Samsung’s brand, and has cost the company billions of dollars in damages. It is important for Apple to do a better job handling the situation if the iPhone 7 indeed was the cause of the fire.

Back in August of 2016, Gareth Clear from Australia was left with burns on his legs after his iPhone 7 exploded in his back pocket after he fell on it from his mountain bike. The fall reportedly pierced the lithium batter of the device, which resulted in the fire.

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