Arrest warrant issued for teen suspected in Pittsburgh food delivery driver robberies


PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh police have issued an arrest warrant for a teenager suspected in several robberies of food delivery drivers near the city’s Northview Heights neighborhood.

Shaquan Timothy Lee Cox, 17, of Pittsburgh’s North Side, is wanted as an adult in connection with the robberies. Police said he is known to frequent Northview Heights and he might be armed. Anyone who sees him is asked not to approach him and call 911.

Police issued a crime alert in October and urged food delivery drivers to use caution after the robberies.

Two robberies were reported Oct. 11 while deliveries were being made in the 2600 block of Sunset Avenue, police said. Robberies on Oct. 21 and Oct. 24 occurred in the 200 block of Ames Street.

Police said guns were used in all four robberies and food, money and other personal belongings were taken. The robbers were seen running toward Northview Heights in each incident.

Channel 11’s Brittny McGraw spoke with one of the drivers who was robbed Oct. 11.

“Regular routine. I opened up the trunk … soon as I opened up the trunk, he whistled for the other two. They came across from the woods and that was it,” the driver, who did not want to be identified, said. “They had a gun. They surrounded me and ransacked my car.”

The driver’s money and credit cards were stolen, along with the food he was delivering.

“Unfortunately, with the holiday season approaching, it’s probably going to happen more unless we as a community do something about it. We have a dangerous job, but at the same time we also have a service to provide to people,” he said. “All the drivers, please be very careful. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not worth it. Just bring the food back.”

Authorities are encouraging food delivery drivers to use the following tips to stay safe:


  • Don’t carry more money than needed. To lessen the amount of cash carried, ask callers to pre-pay online or via telephone with a credit card.
  • t

  • Don’t deliver to a house that looks vacant. When in doubt, stay in your vehicle and call the customer to meet outside or turn their lights on.
  • t

  • Park your vehicle as close as possible to the door of the delivery destination.
  • t

  • Only meet the customer at a real address. Do not park your car and walk down the street to deliver food.
  • t

  • Try verifying the house to make sure it exists before delivering. A quick search on the county website can help protect you from fake addresses.
  • t

  • Carry a flashlight to illuminate the house and dark areas.
  • t

  • Ask for a call-back number for the customer and verify that number before the delivery.
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