Award-Winning Professor Summarizes an Entire MBA in One Course

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What would you do if someone says you can learn all the skills of an MBA grad in just eight hours, for less than $20?

Before saying “It’s impossible,” or “That’s a scam,” you might want to check why the bestselling business course on Udemy has been getting rave reviews and hordes of enrollees since its launch early this year.

And then you’d be tripping over as you join the flurry to sign up. After all, MBA skills serve as a key differentiator, significantly enhancing your profile, paycheck or profits.

Here’s a snapshot of the course:


  • An Entire MBA in One Course: Award-Winning Business School Prof includes 81 short, power-packed lectures that together run for eight hours (around a full season of your favorite cable channel series). Don’t worry, you don’t need to view the entire course like a marathon. You can “attend” individual lessons while having a 10-minute coffee break or taking the 15-minute commute to your office. You can comfortably complete the course and acquire certification over a long weekend or just the stretch of a regular week.

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  • The course features bestselling author, venture capitalist, and serial Bay Area entrepreneur Chris Haroun. A pillar in the lecturing circuit, Haroun has taught business students at Berkeley and Stanford, and has been awarded for his mentoring work at McGill University. He has also been featured in leading publications, including Entrepreneur.

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  • The course teaches everything you need to know about how to start a business, make it profitable, and launch an IPO.

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  • You can participate in class anytime through your tablet, desktop computer, or mobile phone. The course also comes as a free 384-page e-book which you can read offline.

Real-world MBA skills remain highly sought after. While formal MBA degrees significantly upgrade your professional credentials, the cost of acquiring them can be prohibitive ($100,000 to $200,000 according to Investopedia). Fortunately, you can still learn MBA skills (sans the degree but with accredited certifications) through select online courses and mentorship programs at a fraction of the cost as well as the time required to build those skills. Joining classes like Haroun’s MBA course bolsters your knowledge and makes it easier to graduate on top when you do decide to acquire a formal MBA degree.

Here are some insights he shares in the course:


  1. The most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs don’t have a job. They have a passion.

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  3. Haroun will only teach what will make you successful in the business world. The most boring classes he has attended are those that covered theories. Here, you’ll learn what’s practical.

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  5. Get your boss’ feedback every three months or so. That way, you can make adjustments as needed — not when it’s already too late.

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  7. You’ll never be promoted unless you ask to be promoted. You’ll never get a raise unless you ask for one.

Join the course to get more actionable wisdom from Haroun. Better yet, for a limited-time you can get the course for $19. What are you waiting for? Enroll Now

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