Babysitter Donates Liver To Baby She Watched All Summer

Every mother wants a babysitter she can trust around her children, but this 22-year-old caretaker went above and above.

Before going back to school, Kiersten Miles of New Jersey was hired to watch 10-month-old Talia Rosko during the summer. Miles was recommended to Talia’s mom, Farra Rosko, through a previous sitter. 

Miles knew that Talia was on the transplant list due to biliary atresia, a disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants and can cause liver failure. Talia’s mother, of course, explained more about the condition to Miles over the three weeks she had been working there. 

Credit: Inside Edition

“I guess about three weeks into it. I was just curious to know more,” Miles told “Knowing that my blood type was compatible and I had already grown so close to Talia within three weeks, I couldn’t not find out if I was a match.”That day, Miles went home and did research, and presented the idea to her mother, who was onboard with it. 

Miles then presented the idea to Rosko and her to send over the necessary paperwork. “I came home from work one day and said she wanted to see if she was compatible. I said, ‘This is a serious surgery and you need to talk to your parents,’” Rosko told “I was just taken aback. I didn’t really know her. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up or be weird about it so I said, ‘I’ll send you the forms.’”

Credit: Inside Edition

Miles wound up going through with everything she said she was going to do, including hospital testing and psychiatric evaluations, all for little Talia. 

“She is such a happy and laid back baby and it was crazy to know that so much internally was wrong and she was still so happy. I just got so attached to her from being around her,” Miles said. “I think I would have regretted it if I didn’t find out if I was a match. It’s a small sacrifice compared to saving a life.”

Credit: Inside Edition

It turns out that Miles was a match for Talia, and on January 11, 16-month-old Talia received part of Miles’ liver in a successful surgery. “It was just surreal and powerful day. My babysitter is giving my daughter a new chance at life,” Rosko said.

After surgery, Baby Talia was out of the hospital in just nine days, which is uncommon for a baby her age, and Miles was already back in college. “Kiersten has changed all of our lives,” Rosko said. “We would still be waiting on the list as my daughter would be deteriorating if not for her.”

“I prayed every night for the perfect liver to come and it did. Kiersten took a nannying job for the summer before going back to school and she got a whole family. We will forever be indebted to her,” she told Inside Edition. 

Watch their heartwarming video below:

Has someone ever come into your life who you didn’t know very well, but who changed your life forever?

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To learn how you can help Talia, click here.

[Featured Image Credit: Inside Edition]

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