Back Pain: 5 Ways To Heal Your Back

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I’ve dealt with back pain since I was twelve. I remember getting up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and having my back go out. I was stuck bent in half and unable to move and crying out for my mother. Years later an injury at work hurt my back again. I felt useless, unable to walk or move as I usually would. I had prescription pain meds which helped, but only when I was able to take them. I couldn’t drive or work on the medication, and most of my days were spent working, and driving to and from work. My doctor suggested other ways to cope and deal with the pain. If you suffer from back pain, then you know the struggle too. You are constantly aware of your pain and searching for ways to alleviate it. In fact, half of all working Americans say they have back pain symptoms each year.

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with your back pain without invasive measures. Here are 5 Way to Heal Your Back:

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1. Redesign Your Workspace

Back pain starts with a cause, and for many that cause is poor posture or simply our daily lives. Sitting or slouching at a desk all day can really exacerbate back pain, and I know I have to be mindful of my posture when at my desk for hours at a time. Try making your desk or workspace more ergonomic. Pick a chair that prevents slouching. Sit up straight, don’t lean over your desk, and try to keep your computer screen at eye level to avoid looking down and putting pressure on your spine. Taking regular breaks every 20-25 minutes can also help to keep you more comfortable.

2. Low Impact Exercise

Strong muscles and a strong core will help you maintain better posture and spine alignment. Try low impact exercises that strengthen your abs. Low impact exercise in general can be beneficial for your back pain. Swimming, walking, yoga, etc will all help build strength and a healthier you. Losing weight can reduce the stress on spine and muscles, which will also help alleviate pain.


3. Heat Therapy


Perhaps one of the immediate ways to heal an injured or stiff back is with heat. It’s a natural way to soothe pain and muscle soreness. It can also relieve tension if your pain is stress related. I prefer a heating pad as opposed to creams and patches. It’s reusable, less mess, and won’t absorb into my skin like a cream. The Sunbeam® Renue® Tension Relief Heat Wrap provides targeted relief to the upper back and shoulders. It surrounds and soothes with warmth, soft micro-plush fabric, and massage to relieve tension and reduce pain. I wrap mine over my shoulders when working at my computer to prevent tension and as a reminder to focus on my posture.


There are a number of Sunbeam® heat therapy products to suit your specific pain needs. Mamavation readers can receive a 20% off on Sunbeam® pain relief products with code HHMAMA here. See what products can help you feel less of the ouch and help you find your ahh.

4. Rest Right

When you go to sleep at night, make sure you rest right. Avoid elevating your head on the pillows to keep your spine properly aligned. Research found that softer beds lead to less back pain, so maybe opt for a softer mattress for pain free rest.

5. Meditate and Relax

Relaxation and meditation can help you deal with pain. Studies have found it makes the pain less unpleasant, which is the goal if you can’t eliminate it entirely. In addition, meditation can improve health overall, both physically and mentally. The Mayo Clinic sites improvements in blood pressure, anxiety, and sleep, among other things.


These 5 methods will hopefully have you and your back feeling better in no time. To help you get back to better, you can enter to win a Sunbeam® heating pad. Simply follow the steps on below. You can find the official giveaway rules here.

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