Cops Surprise Struggling Mom With Groceries After Giving Her A Ticket

When times get tough, parents struggling to put food on the table often have to decide between paying for something they need and paying for groceries to feed their children.

Despite being in a difficult situation, it’s an easy choice for good parents who would sacrifice anything to keep their children safe and healthy. When one Colorado mom had to choose between buying food or paying for to update expired tags on her car, she chose food for her kids.

Photo by KDVR

Mom Naimo Norelli has been struggling with hospital bills after beating cancer, and it all got worse when she lost her job and then her car died. Once she finally got a new job, she bought a new car, but couldn’t afford new $400 tags. “Literally around the corner from work, [I] got pulled over,” said Norelli. “My tags were expired. I knew I why I was being pulled over.”

“The lady police officer asked why my tags were so far expired,” said Norelli, who then broke out in tears. “I explained well it’s between the tag and the groceries, essentially.” Norelli still ended up getting a ticket, however, the officers later showed up at her work with groceries for her kids so they wouldn’t go hungry.

Photo by KDVR

This past Monday, the hero officers followed up with Norelli again and showed up with even more groceries, money to pay for the ticket, a toy for her little boy, and even a Starbucks gift card.“Someone just did something they did not have to do, they did not have to go out of their way, they could of just left me with a ticket,” Norelli said. “That’s really amazing.”

“Obviously police officers are human as well and sometimes we have stories that just tug at our heart-strings as well,” Commander Eric Schmitt said. “We heard about it when her co-workers reached out to us and thanked us for what our officers did. That to me speaks volumes because they didn’t do it to get extra kudos from their bosses or anything, they just did it because it was the right thing and they just did it because they wanted to.”

Photo by KDVR

“When you hear bad things in the news about police, it’s not these people and it’s not probably most of them,” Norelli said.

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing way these cops helped this struggling mother.

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[Featured Image: KDVR]

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