Father And Son Reunite After 30 Years Thanks To Television News Story

Nothing brings a family together quite like the television. In the last century, it’s become a great American past time, the device that brings all kinds of people together at the end of the day.

In some cases, it brings families together after they appear on it too. In an inspiring story from Houston, Texas, television brought a father and son together after they hadn’t seen each other in more than 30 long years.

Rudolph Taylor is a talented artist who has been homeless for more than half his life, according to KHOU 11. Back in June, the news station covered a story about Taylor, who paints every day and lives in a shack that is more of an art gallery. While he’s technically considered homeless, he has a wealth of talent and friends to spice up his life. The news station aired a story about him because of his friendship with local police.


Taylor says he’s self-taught and only makes a couple of dozen bucks a week from his artwork, but he spends that money on food and cigars. His life is uncomplicated, and it works for him. It’s worked for him for more than thirty years.

Of course, not all of those 30-some-odd years were filled with simple days and small joys.

“I have to deal with the bitterness of the loss and the anguish,” Taylor said. It’s a pain that still lingers decades after a separation with his family and a divide that separated him from his son. Shortly after the birth of his second child the family was torn apart.


But a reunion happened recently when Kevin Taylor, son of Rudolph Taylor saw the sweet news story about his father befriending police that was aired back in June. Then, in late July, Houston Police received an unusual call from a man in Boulder, Colo.

“I think you know my father,” the man at the other of the end of the phone told police.

Kevin is Rudolph Taylor’s second son. As a child, Kevin knew few details about his biological father, but when Kevin was 3, they met for a very brief moment. However, his mother moved the family to Colorado and the father and son lost touch. Kevin joined the military and years flew by without contact.


Kevin said he found out his father lived in Houston when he was 8-year-old. During that time, he would scour phone books looking for people with the same last name as him, hoping to reach the person he searched for. Little did he know, it would take almost three decades for that reunion to happen.


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[Featured Image: WFAA]

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