Five Neglected Dogs Freed From Pounds Of Matted Fur

After working as an animal rescuer for thirty years, one Florida man was truly shocked and appalled by the pain and suffering five Lhasa apsos were forced to endure for years.

This past February, Robin Roberts and a few other volunteers from the Critter Mama Rescue, Inc. were contacted by a man who claimed he needed to surrender five dogs because his apartment did not allow pets. “The concept of having five adoptable, well cared for Lhasas sounded fine,” Roberts said. The group met the man in a parking lot, and as he pulled out the first dog from his van, the rescuers discovered the animals had been far from cared for.

Photo by Facebook/ Suncoast Animal League

“We gasped in horror,” Roberts said. “These creatures didn’t have faces or feet. They literally could not walk or see. The stench drifted across the parking lot and hit us hard; smelling of urine, feces and filthy dogs.” Roberts contacted Rick Chaboudy, the executive director of Suncoast Animal League, since they were a larger rescue organization and could better care for the horrifically neglected dogs.

Chaboudy went to pick the dogs up as soon as he heard about them, and even though it was just after midnight when he arrived, he loaded the dogs into the car and headed straight to Island Dog Outfitters since it was the worst case of neglect he’d ever seen. “The mats on these dogs were so thick, one of the dog’s ears was stuck to her head. Feces and urine were caked into the mats, but their feet were the worst. The dogs could barely walk due to having 2 inches of matted fur between their paws and the ground,” Chaboudy said. “We removed between one and a half pound of mats from the foot of one dog alone.”

Photo by Rick Chaboudy

Chaboudy, groomer Clint Wilson, and two other volunteers worked throughout the night to remove pounds of filthy matted fur, and when the fur was finally removed, it was clear they all were riddled with parasites and were starving. “To call what happened to these five poor dogs neglect and abuse is truly an understatement, but moving forward, things will be much better for them. Today, they will receive medical care and then we will begin to learn about their personalities. Hopefully, they will remember that humans CAN be trusted,” Suncoast Animal League wrote in a post to their Facebook page.

The dogs were then taken to be examined by a vet and all received treatments to stop infections and parasites and underwent surgeries to remove rotting teeth, get spayed or neutered, and remove tumors. Despite everything they had been through, the elderly dogs quickly warmed up to rescuers and they started looking for loving homes that would be able to care for them for the rest of their lives.

Photo by Facebook/ Suncoast Animal League

Six weeks after rescuing the dogs, each of the five dogs had been adopted into loving homes and Chaboudy presented the five families with their new companions at a recent fundraiser. “We had the BEST afternoon yesterday celebrating the journey, adoptions, and beginning of the Fab Five’s new lives. It was like like a bestselling novel with all the great elements. We laughed. We cried. We cheered. Then we said goodbye,” Chaboudy said about the emotional afternoon. “I can guarantee you he’ll never have another bad day in his life,” one of the adopting families assured Chaboudy.

Watch the entire video below to see the emotional moment these incredible dogs finally meet their loving new families.

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[Featured image: Rick Chaboudy]

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