Gemstone-Infused Skin Care Is Now A Thing. Meet The Woman Who Made It Happen

Gemstone-Infused Skin Care Is Now A Thing. Meet The Woman Who Made It Happen Hero Image

Ruby crystals in face cream and moonstone essence in bath salts? Yes, Debra Haugen of Gemstone Organic is a modern day Glinda, whose alchemical concoctions have raised the bar for gemstone-infused skincare. But how exactly do you get the ‘essence’ from a gemstone and infuse it into a skincare product? Debra does it in a myriad of ways: She soak the gemstones in water for an extended period of time, uses crystal grids to transfer the properties into the water and places said water under the light of the full moon. Good vibes inside and out? A total win-win.

Here’s how Debra does it daily:

A.M. Ritual

I am an early-bird, Kundalini yoga mama. I wake up in my charming home in Los Angeles before sunrise when the city is quiet. There is so much silence that I love to bask in before dawn. Activity is low, and I can tap into higher vibrational energies. Before I place my feet on the floor I give gratitude for my health and at least three people in my life. It helps me to focus my mind on the ones I love and start the day off with a mindset of gratitude before diving into work.

I move into my peace room where I do a morning Sadhana—my favorite music for my morning Sadhana’s is Ayakanna. When I can, I will practice Kundalini Yoga with Sukhdev Jackson at Yoga in the Canyon. I have gemstones that I connect with in the morning that change weekly or daily, depending on what I am drawn to. I work with them by holding them or putting them on my altar, and I’ll carry them with me throughout the day. After my Sadhana I do a tarot card reading with a short meditation to hear the message with my body.The tarot card reading helps me to understand where my energy is and how I can work with it the best during the day. I believe in symbolism. It helps me to integrate the meaning of the card into my daily activity and unlock hidden messages to get to a deeper place.

My morning drink of choice is Jasmine Pearl Green Tea. My dream breakfast is my homemade cashew milk with vanilla, dates, and some maca powder. I make my own cashew butter and then blend it into a beautiful base of coconut water to keep my alkalinity where I want it to be.

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The morning ritual works its way from more internal ceremonial practices to both inner and outer beauty regimens. I begin those with my Herbal Facial Steam—it’s made with comfrey, calendula, lavender, and rose petals.

Gemstone Organic

At the moment, my skin is craving Organic Coastal Redwood Hydrosol by La Lune Apothecary, my Clary Sage Hydrosol and Ruby Face Créme. Ruby gemstones are wonderful at stimulating blood flow, because they are full of fire and passion to ignites the root chakra.

During the day, I take an herbal tincture by All Good Alchemy added into my water. My favorite is Milky Oats to support the nervous system and keep me feeling energized throughout my busy day. I also use Chakra Mists by Divine Archetypes. I especially love the Sacral Chakra Mist as it motivates me and boosts me with confidence if I am starting to fade. Taking these small moments to remember to breathe are really important to keeping healthy.

P.M. Ritual

I love to cook, and my favorite meal is a curry dinner with rice. I love turmeric. I believe it is one of the best spices ever, and I try to incorporate it into as many meals as I can! This time of year I also love a good beet and kale salad.

I take a walk by the beach during or after sunset, one of the many perks of living close to the water. I prefer to spend time with the moon at the water being the Moon Mama that I am. I love to catch her beautiful reflection and pull in the water in the evening—it is magical. As I walk, she follows alongside me; it’s like I’m taking a walk with my best friend.

Gemstone Organic

I spray my Lavender Hydrosol and sometimes even add essential oils in my room and on my bed before sleep. The oils I may add can vary depending on which chakra I am working with—lavender soothes my mind, body, and spirit, while vetiver blended with thyme grounds me.

At least once a week I like to do my Five-Step Facial as well as a Ceremonial Chakra Bath. It’s a beautiful ceremony that helps to ground me and taps me into the areas I need strengthening. When I’m feeling really stressed I say to myself, “I really need to take a chakra bath. Which chakra should I work on?”

I drink herbal teas like earthy dandelion root before bed—I’ll have just enough to calm my system down. This time of year I find my energy level lower in the evenings and try to follow the rhythm of my body. I love to feel inspired before bed with a Ted Talk or interviews from On Being with Krista Tippett. Or if I have a good book, this is the time of year I love to snuggle into a good blanket on the couch and dive in!

Once I am in bed, I try to think about all the things that went well during the day. The other night I practiced a meditation in which you walk through your day and it helped me to remember all of the sweet moments. I remembered the simple pleasures like how I absorbed the golden sun on my face during my walk, felt the tickle of a bee on my finger, enjoyed the blooming flowers and the list goes on. I like the calming, soothing effect it has over me. Replaying those moments takes me back into my body and brings my head into the right place before sleep.

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