How to Discover Your Wedding Day Style with Desiree Hartsock

First comes the proposal, then comes the planning! As a new bride on the cusp of holy matrimony, it can be difficult to know where to begin. While friends, family and internet inspiration can be resources to figuring out where to start, it’s important to first know the style of wedding you’re going for. The wedding style you choose will walk you through each step of planning and better equip you to make decisions quickly; without stress or confusion.

Browsing wedding websites (like SMP, of course) and magazines are usually the first things a bride begins to do in the planning process. It may seem like a good idea, but if you don’t first figure out your wedding style, browsing inspiration endlessly will leave you overwhelmed and spinning in all directions. There are so many options and beautiful choices that can pull at our heart strings so it’s important to have a firm idea on the wedding style before deciding on other details such as the flowers, colors, or reception decor. The wedding day style you choose will be the ultimate tool to guide you throughout wedding planning. So let’s get to it…

Closet Perspective

First, think about your wardrobe. Your personal style says a lot about who you are as a person and can bring about certain keywords that will help guide you to a more personalized wedding day. Do you and your fiancé have similar style? If not, take note of both styles to make sure you’re taking into consideration a collective style that speaks to the both of you. Now, take a look into your closet. What kind of styles do you wear? Are you conservative, preppy, trendy, glamorous, edgy, or casual? Although we all seem to have a finger on our personal style, it helps to visualize each piece and see our closet or style from a different perspective. I may think I’m really trendy but when I see my staple wardrobe pieces, I quickly realize I have a more laid-back approach to fashion. Keep your personal style in mind while you ponder the next steps to discovering your wedding day style because it will help your decisions stay ‘on brand’ and be more authentic to who you really are as a couple.

Weekend Vibes

What do you and your fiancé enjoy doing together? Do you like to explore the great outdoors or prefer a nice dinner out before a show? Your wedding day style should reflect common interests that will ultimately help you make more personalized decisions for the wedding. A couple that enjoys sunshine and surfing wouldn’t be likely to choose an indoor, winter wonderland wedding but the bride might fantasize it for a moment if she doesn’t take their common interests into consideration beforehand. For example, if I were to skip this step and went straight to browsing inspiration on the internet then I may end up wanting a million things for the wedding that look pretty in a picture but clearly doesn’t speak to our relationship. Dreaming of all the different weddings you could have will leave you falling from a cloud without solid direction and make wedding planning seem far more difficult than it should be.

The Power of Three

Once you have your personal styles and common interests in mind then you will be able to narrow down your wedding day style into a maximum of three keywords. There are so many descriptive words to choose from, so to make it easier, I’ve included a page from my book My Fairytale Wedding below that lists many of the keywords to reference! With your partner, note only 2-3 of the words that speak to your personal style and how you want your wedding day to look. Do these words complement each other for a refined wedding theme? Write these words down or keep them in mind throughout wedding planning. As you begin to make decisions on the specific details for the wedding, these keywords will help you stay focused and confident for an overall cohesive look and wedding style you will love for your big day.

Happy planning!

xoxo, Desiree

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