Just 67 crimes reported on Night Tube in 1.5m journeys since launch

Just 67 crimes have been reported in almost 1.5 million journeys since the launch of the Night Tube, figures show.

Following concerns that the new 24-hour service would see an increase “high crime levels” and “anti-social behaviour”, Transport for London pledged £3.4million for 100 extra police officers.

And initial figures have shown there has been less than one reported crime in every 22,000 journeys since the Night Tube launched in August.

A spokesman for Mayor Sadiq Khan told the Standard that keeping transport crime levels low would remain a priority when the Piccadilly Line runs overnight from mid-December.

“Since the Night Tube started in September, the Mayor has been determined to ensure passengers felt safe across the network,” he said.

“This is why TfL are investing £3.4 million in new police officers dedicated to the Night Tube.

“The service allows more people to enjoy London’s iconic night life, and also allowing thousands of night-time workers to get back home safely and easily at night.

“As the Night Tube opens on new lines, ensuring passengers remain safe will continue to be a key priority for the Mayor.”

The figures refer to the number of crimes that have been reported to British Transport Police.

BTP’s Superintendent Chris Horton added: “The launch of Night Tube was a very significant event for the London Underground and a special moment in history for London.

“Our highly visible policing presence, specially trained officers and expertise in policing rail environments have all contributed to making the Underground a safe, low crime environment.

“Our aim is to maintain this and we will maintain our highly visible policing presence in order to reassure passengers and deter crime.

“However, we are not complacent and we will continue to work closely with TfL and other agencies to ensure the safe running of the Underground, particularly as more Night Tube services are introduced.”

TfL employs a total of 700 uniformed BTP personnel across the Tube and DLR networks.

One hundred of those are dedicated Night Tube officers patrolling through the night to “provide a high visibility presence, giving reassurance, keeping staff safe and addressing issues such as antisocial behaviour”.

Steve Burton, TfL’s Director of Enforcement and On-Street Operations, said: “The Tube network is a safe, low-crime environment with very few people ever experiencing or witnessing crime.

“Since it launched on the Central, Victoria, Jubilee and Northern lines, there have been a total of 67 crimes recorded by BTP against a backdrop of almost 1.5 million passenger journeys.

“All stations that are open through the night are staffed at all times and by working extremely closely with BTP, passengers see as many officers on patrol overnight as they do during the day.”

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