Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Routine Costs Literally Thousands of Dollars

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Kylie Jenner is quite the beauty connoisseur. Each week, she hits up Instagram or Snapchat, or both, to unveil brand new hair experiments, contour moves, lip liner moments, and more brightly taloned manicures than we can even count. Her obsession with makeup (and peroxide) has not only reached new heights in terms of what she’s willing to try, she’s also turning it into a career – this season, she’ll be launching a beauty website, complete with tutorials, on how to achieve her now signature look. She’s also in the midst of creating the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit – a namesake line of glosses so that you, too, can paint your pout a la Kylie.

Until now, Kylie’s exact beauty routine has been pretty much under wraps. Sure, she’ll call out a product mention here and there, or shout out to her glam squad from time to time, but there’s been an air of mystery behind the celeb’s regimen. Well, she just spoke to The New York Times to reveal her head-to-toe get gorgeous routine in an article called ” Kylie Jenner, a Beauty Regimen That Keeps It Real.”

In the story, Kylie is totally candid about everything – and we mean everything – she does when it comes to skin care, makeup, fragrance (or lack-there-of, because perfume can give her headaches), hair, fitness, and even her much-talked-about lips. In not-so-shocking news, it costs a lot for her to keep it real, Kylie style. She pays big bucks to go to hair gurus like Priscilla Valles for cuts and Daniel Moon or Tracey Cunningham for color (and think about how often those color change-ups happen). She also drops some serious cash on Juvederm (aka fillers) for her lips. She admits to switching to Dr. Simon Ourian, because of his natural approach to the plump.

Although Kylie’s grand total (and we’re talking about just a one-time fee, this doesn’t take into account her repeated trips to many of these experts or product refills) is around a whopping $3,500, she is just an 18-year-old when it comes down to it. While she frequents some of the most sought-after pros in Hollywood (she has brow powerhouse, Anastasia Soare, on speed-dial), she also uses such bargain options as Sally Hansen self-tanner for legs and false lashes from CVS. This gives new meaning to the term high/low shopping. Now that we have her extensive beauty routine in our own hands, we’ll be awaiting videos to watch how she puts it all together.

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