Mukilteo shooting victim’s family keeps her memory alive

The family of a Mukilteo shooting victim wants to turn a tragedy into a story of hope.

Anna Bui’s family is setting up the Anna Bui World of Hope scholarship fund to honor Anna and create global opportunities for University of Washington Bothell students with the same adventurous spirit as Bui.

“As hard as it is, we’re going to get through it,” said David Bui, Anna’s brother. “Anna would want us to get through it. We just want to remember her for the good she’s done and not how she died.”

19-year-old Allen Ivanov open fire on a group of teens at a gathering in July. Anna, Ivanov’s ex-girlfriend, Jordan Ebner, and Jake Long, all 19, were shot to death in the attack and two more men were injured.

According to court documents, Ivanov purchased a Ruger AR-15 semi-automatic rifle the week before, and used it to kill his “dream girl” along with the two other victims in a burst of anger. Ivanov told investigators on the night of the shooting he was angry about his breakup with Bui and “everything that went on tonight was about a girl.”

Prosecutors have until December to decide if they will pursue the death penalty.

Now Anna’s family wants her to be remembered for her dreams for the world. Anna traveled in Europe for three weeks last summer, and Anny, Anna’s sister, said that’s the happiest she has ever seen her.

“Anna was a very kind woman,” Anny said. “Although she’s very young, she had a lot of goals and hopes for the world.”

Anna had wanted to travel abroad and earn a nursing degree. The fund will help like-minded students, who cannot afford it financially, to study abroad.

“This whole thing…may have a silver lining,” Anny said.

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The Mukilteo shooting hit close to home for KING 5’s Mark Wright, whose son was the gathering where the shooting happened. During the last several tumultuous months, Wright says he has been helping his community heal, and he will keep doing that.

He wrote a message for KING 5 viewers on his biggest takeaways after the shooting:

When the mass shooting happened at a home in Mukilteo over the summer, it was much more than a news story to me and my family. The shooting happened at the home of our friends.

Our sons grew up playing soccer together. My son was there when the shooting happened. He was able to flee when the shooting started.

Honestly, I’ve been struggling since the shooting to figure out what to do as a journalist so close to this story.

For the past several months, my focus has been to help everyone heal where I can. That’s what tonight is about.

The family of one of the shooting victims, Anna Bui, has created a scholarship fund at the University of Washington-Bothell. That’s where Anna was a student. It’s where she was pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse.

Earlier today, I sat down with Anna’s family so I could share with you who she was and how her family is keeping her memory alive.

In the months ahead, I will be taking a closer look at the Mukilteo shooting, report on the lessons we can learn from it, and there are many.

Now is not the time for those stories. The families have been asked by prosecutors not to talk about the case until everyone has their day in court.

I think the biggest take away from this experience for me is a new appreciation for life and for my family. Every hug, and I mean every single hug feels different now. It’s deeper and is never taken for granted.

I recently changed work schedules so that I could be home with my family in the evenings.

My encouragement for you is to appreciate what you have and who you have in life, and do it in memory of Anna, Jordan, and Jake.

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