Patriots Day Trailer: Mark Wahlberg Fights With Love

Having already made two movies based on real-life world events and national tragedies together (in Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon), director Peter Berg and star Mark Wahlberg are reuniting for a third true story-based drama/thriller, in the form of Patriots Day. Wahlberg stars as Boston Police Department Sergeant Tommy Saunders in the film – which explores the events of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing in Quincy, Massachusetts. Adapted from the book Boston Strong co-written by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge, Berg’s new movie is primed to tell another tale of daring American patriotism.

Wahlberg is certainly a good choice for a lead given the narrative and historical context that stands behind Patriots Day, and with any luck the rest of the cast and crew – which includes such well respected actors as J.K. Simmons ( Whiplash), Kevin Bacon ( Black Mass), and John Goodman ( 10 Cloverfield Lane) – will manage to round out what already looks to be a winning Hollywood drama. On that note, the latest official trailer has just dropped online, featuring even more thrilling footage to entice potential viewers to see Berg’s latest directorial outing.

In the footage featured above, distributor Lionsgate promises viewers another larger than life retelling of an American tragedy from the perspective of America’s bravest and boldest civil servants tasked with protecting and upholding the God-given rights of every U.S. citizen. The tense sequences of intimated negotiation with suspected terrorists looks to be nothing short of harrowing, and the rest of Patriots Day accordingly reflects Berg’s special form of cinematic pride for his country of origin. Check out the official plot synopsis for Patriots Day below:

In the aftermath of an unspeakable attack, Police Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) joins courageous survivors, first responders and investigators in a race against the clock to hunt down the bombers before they strike again. Weaving together the stories of Special Agent Richard DesLauriers (Kevin Bacon), Police Commissioner Ed Davis (John Goodman), Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese (J.K. Simmons) and nurse Carol Saunders (Michelle Monaghan) this visceral and unflinching chronicle captures the suspense of one of the most sophisticated manhunts in law enforcement history and celebrates the strength of the people of Boston.

Whether or not general viewers will be especially keen on reliving what was one of the greatest domestic tragedies in recent years reflected on the big screen remains to be seen, though with any luck Berg will capably manage bringing Patriots Day to life in a manner befitting to and respectful of the real life events that shaped it. Much of the movie already looks to be an outsized reimagining of a day that is undoubtedly already branded into the minds of any American who lived through them; though with any luck, Wahlberg will successfully make a movie out of them despite their inherent moral gravity.

Patriots Day has quite the task ahead of it if Berg hopes to make a truly meaningful motion picture out what was one of the saddest days of American history in the 21st century – but with Wahlberg, Simmons, Bacon, and Goodman attached to the production the finished film might yet manage to draw a crowd. Only time will tell whether or not Berg’s latest will be a box office success, so here’s to hoping for the very best from Wahlberg and company.

Source: Lionsgate

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