Rescuer Frees Horse Entangled In Razor-Sharp Wire

Owning a horse is a huge responsibility since so much goes into their care and upkeep every single day. Unfortunately, not all owners give their horses the care they need, which can leave the helpless animals in very dangerous situations.

Recently, one UK horse owner had to learn the hard way what can happen if horses aren’t properly cared for and checked on after a storm weakened one of the wire fences on the property and got tangled around the poor animal’s body.

Photo by RSPCA (England Wales)

Since the owner didn’t bother to check on his horse each day, the piebald cob would have been left stranded in the muddy field for days. Thankfully, however, a good samaritan passing by noticed the animal was in pain and called the local RSPCA for help.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes went out to the field and found the horse stuck in the same exact spot as the man had described, and as he walked closer, he could see the sharp wire was digging into the horse, who is named Tinker, and causing a lot of pain.

Photo by Anthony Joynes

“This poor boy was completely entangled in the wire fencing around the field. Veterinary staff from a nearby surgery, a local farmer and two workers from the nearby electricity works all pitched in to help me free the cob,” he said. “We managed to secure him with a headcollar and lead rope and offered him some hay to distract him while the farmer and I slowly began cutting away at the wire.”

“The vet treated a wound caused by the wire as it tightened around the horse as he struggled to free himself but luckily it wasn’t as serious as it could have been. The poor thing looked as though he’d been caught in the wire for some time and is lucky he stopped struggling when he realized he was stuck as the injuries could have been much, much worse.”

Photo by RSPCA (England Wales)

Once Tinker was free, Joynes spoke to Tinker’s owner and warned about how dangerous it is to just leave an animal for days without checking. “I’ve been to see Tinker the pony since and he’s been taken into a nice stable to recover and is doing well,” Joynes said.

Watch the entire video below to see the heartwarming moment this beautiful animal was cut free.

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[Featured image: RSPCA (England Wales)]

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