Sheep wagons converted into mobile living spaces of rustic charm

Photos: Idaho Sheep Wagons

Though we’re usually the purveyors of modern-style green design, we’ve featured our fair share of rustic caravans that offer efficient, small living spaces. From Idaho come these well-crafted, old-school sheep wagons converted into charming mobile homes, suitable for the adventurous, low-tech ‘ down-sizers’ among us. You can see inside after the jump, where there are some flexible, space-saving features that help create a kind of lo-fi transformer space:

These wagons are designed and built to order by Kim Vader, a descendant of Basque sheep farmers who called these vehicles home while herding sheep in the high desert and mountains of the western United States. Called “karro kampo” by the Basque, we spotted these cool caravans over at the Tiny House blog, serving up features like pull-out tables, as well as other customizable tweaks:

Typically, each wagon will have a bed with a memory foam mattress, a sitting and eating area with storage underneath, an antique wood stove or an electric stove, and a small kitchen area with custom cabinetry. They can also have several 110 electrical outlets and a storage area on the back of the wagon. The wagons are painted in traditional white and green colors and will have the classic canvas roof that is rated to last up to 10 years. The wagons are built with 2×6 Douglas fir and the cabinets and doors are built with 3/4 inch birch, pine and Douglas fir.

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Coming from a long line of Basque ancestry rooted in Boise, Idaho, Vader has been building these wagons by hand for 35 years. In addition to building spanking new wagons, he also does new wagons on top of antique spoke wheels, as well as wagons on top of freeway-safe wheels.

Prices for these unique wagons range from a finish-it-yourself wagon box for US $5500, to $13,500 for wagons with antique spoke wheels. Though it’s no modern, pre-fab type of mobile home, these traditionalist wagons could work for those who are looking for a simple camper or a no-frills, tiny house on wheels. For more information, check out the Idaho Sheep Wagons website.

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