Soldier Races Home From Afghanistan When Wife Goes Into Labor

The moment a baby comes into the world is a life-changing moment for first-time parents, and it’s a moment one Georgia soldier refused to miss.

“Being in the army, you never really know what major life experiences you are going to be a part of, and the ones you are going to miss. It is not uncommon for a soldier to miss the birth of his child. Every time a unit comes home, you will always see a big sign that says ‘I HAVE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE TO MEET YOU’ with a mom and a young baby in her arms,” Army Sergeant Zach Shryock said.

Photo by Bella Baby Photography

Zach was crushed that he might miss the birth of his first child with wife Brittany after being deployed to Afghanistan just a few months into the pregnancy. Originally, he was supposed to arrive home a month after the due date, but was thrilled when he found out he was being sent home five weeks before Brittany was due to give birth.

However, as Zach started his long journey home from Afghanistan stopping in Kuwait, Turkey, Germany, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, and Kansas, Brittany’s water broke five weeks ahead of schedule. Zach heard the news minutes before he was supposed to board the next leg of his trip from Charlotte, and booked a ticket for the next flight to Atlanta.

Photo by Bella Baby Photography

By the time Zach’s plane took off for Atlanta, Brittany was already dilated to 10 centimeters, but miraculously managed to get to the hospital just in time and was greeted by employees lining the hallway with balloons to Brittany. “The Piedmont hospital was amazing! Everyone came and cheered me on as I got out of the car, giving me the best welcoming home I have ever received in my life!” And the moment only got better when Zach saw his pregnant wife for the first time. “I have not seen my wife in six months, and seeing her for the first time – laying on the bed and getting ready to have our daughter, Myra – my heart stopped. I have never seen anyone more beautiful in my life. She did, in fact, take my breath away. At that moment, I have never seen anyone so perfect in my life,” he said.

“When I heard everyone clapping and yelling in the hallway, my eyes filled with tears. I knew my husband had made it home. It seemed like a dream when I saw him walk through the door. After a hug and a welcome home kiss from him, I have never been more motivated in my life,” Brittany said.

Photo by Bella Baby Photography

“All of the hospital staff was in tears. He was able to see and feel my pregnant belly for a few moments before it was time to push,” Brittany said. 30 minutes later, baby Myra made it safely into the world with her father right by her side.

“When she was laying on me after birth, he asked her if she wanted her name to be Myra. She picked up her head, looked straight at him, and then put her head back down on my chest. He made it from across the world to welcome his firstborn child into the world.”

Can you believe this soldier managed to make it all the way home from Afghanistan just 30 minutes before his daughter was born? Let us know what you think in the comments below and please SHARE this with friends on Facebook.

[Featured image: Bella Baby Photography]

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