Soldier Saves Choking Baby After His Mom Froze In Panic

There’s nothing more terrifying for a parent than seeing their child in danger in front of their eyes and not knowing what to do to save them.

It’s a terrible feeling one UK mom hoped she would never experience. However, when it did happen, she was lucky enough to have a guardian angel sitting by her side who was ready to step in when she froze in panic. This past week, 25-year-old mom Nicki Lund had taken her one-year-old son Jacob Desborough to a fast food restaurant for lunch when he suddenly started choking on a piece of a chicken nugget. 

Photo by Facebook/Nicki Lund

When Lund realized her baby boy was choking and quickly turning blue, she panicked and had no idea what to do. “Jacob was just eating a chicken nugget, which I’d cut up, but it just went down the wrong way. It was the worst experience, I’ve never felt anything like it,” she said.

Thankfully, Glenn Kidman, a wheelchair-bound soldier who is an Army medic, saw the baby choking and immediately jumped in when he realized Lund had no idea what to do. After 21 years of service, Kidman has had to perform under extreme pressure and his ability to stay calm is the reason baby Jacob is alive today. “I just saw a commotion at another table but because everybody was in shock nobody seemed to be doing anything. So I just pushed my way in and said them to pass him to me. Because I’m an army medic, it’s one of the things I was trained to do,” he said.

Photo by East Durham News

The 42-year-old laid the baby over his knee and firmly patted him on the back, and managed to dislodge some of the chicken. After another try, the rest of the chicken came out, and he swiftly cleared the food from Jacob’s mouth with his finger. “He saved Jacob’s life there is no doubt about that,” Lund said. “He was blue and he couldn’t breathe. I can’t thank him enough. If it wasn’t for Geordie, Jacob wouldn’t be here now… He just knew exactly what to do and took over because I had frozen with shock.”

“Since it happened, people keep saying that what I did was heroic, but it wasn’t anything. I think anyone would have done the same in the circumstances,” the modest soldier said.

Photo by East Durham News

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[Featured image: Facebook/Nicki Lund]

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