Stray Dog Trapped In A Wall Is Rescued Just In Time

Life on the streets for a stray dog is hard enough as it is, but for one elderly, blind and deaf dog, finding food, shelter, and a safe space was nearly impossible.

However, the elderly dog named Annie managed to survive all these years on the streets of Bosnia with the help of her daughter, Sandy, who safely guided Annie around, found food for them both, and found them shelter. But when Sandy was caught by dog catchers, Annie was suddenly alone for the first time in years and she quickly struggled to stay safe.

Photo by Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia

While walking, Annie accidentally fell through a small gap between two walls and was completely stuck between the walls. “She was lucky because a neighbor called rescuer Bojan Veselica,” said Sandra Jensen of Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia. “He needed the help of two men to get her out.”

“This dog was never touched or captured by humans until now,” said Bojan, who was bitten while carefully sliding Annie out of the gap. “She was scared, sad and in shock, almost like a wild animal.” Bojan knew Annie needed extensive care to get comfortable around people, but she needed temporary shelter and brought her to the Prnjavor shelter where he works to care for about 150 other dogs.

Photo by Animal Welfare Advocates for Bonsia

When they arrived, Annie could smell the scent of her daughter, who also happened to be at the same shelter, and the two were finally reunited after a year apart. “If only I had a place to try and socialize them and we could find a home for them together, it would be one of the greatest rescues in my life,” Bojan said.

Bojan’s dream soon became a reality when UK rescuer Lesley Watkins reached out and offered to take the mother and daughter to socialize them in her private cottage instead of a noisy, stressful shelter. After raising money for their transportation to the UK, Annie and Sandy are now with Watkins and are getting used to their private cottage and are finally learning to be pampered and loved.

Photo by Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia

Can you imagine how terrified this elderly street dog must have been before finally realizing her rescuers were only trying to help? Let us know what you think in the comments below and please SHARE this with friends on Facebook.

[Featured image: Animal Welfare Advocates for Bonsia]

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