Subhash Chandra gets trolled for moral policing people at Coldplay concert; gets grammar lesson too

After months of waiting, Coldplay finally performed to a jampacked Mumbai venue on November 19, along with several other eminent international artistes such as AR Rehman, Jay Z and Demi Lovato. There was no denying the love and excitement that poured in from all quarters for Chris Martin and the rest of the band, and people are still buzzing on the high that they’ve seen their idol perform live.

But these days, not even a rock concert can go by without controversies. From PM Narendra Modi ‘s speech which had him joking on the current demonetisation chaos and quoting Bob Dylan (both of which was unappreciated if Twitter is anything to go by), to the objections raised on Martin carrying – and thus disrespecting – the Indian tricolour in the back-pocket of his jeans.

Now, another MP has ruffled some feathers with his comment on those who attended the concert in droves.

Subhash Chandra, media mogul and Rajya Sabha member, took to Twitter to share his displeasure on the actions of Indian youth in attendance. He tweeted: “I was saddened to see our youth smoking, drinking wine dancing in COLDPLAY my question do they also know Rabinder Sangeet other cultural”. With a couple of tweets, he expressed his disappointment that people thronged the Coldplay performance, while he wondered if they knew as much about India’s cultural heritage and art forms.

He further wrote, completing his earlier tweet: “Aspects Indian art forms? It’s high time we make our own cultural heritage COOL for our youth which is better than Coldplay”.

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But, it seems that Chandra’s message struck a discord with Indian twitterati, who called out the MP on his tweets – from correcting his grammar to pointing out that if he meant a particular music form, then he should at least get his reference right. In fact, some of these responses will leave you in splits.

These are Chandra’s tweets.

And here are some of the replies his tweets garnered.

There was also the question of Rabinder versus Rabindra.

@ShoaibDaniyal And he said “Rabinder” . That’s sacrilege!!

– Spandan Pandey (@SpandanPandey) November 20, 2016

@subhashchandra @LangaMahesh

– N33R4J (@_N33R4J_) November 20, 2016

@subhashchandra I propose we call you Subhash Chander from today. #RabindraSangeet#WhoIsRabinder

– Rita Bhattacharjee (@ribhattacharjee) November 20, 2016

But if you think the MP had nothing to tell his detractors, you are wrong! He had some prompt replies to some of the users.

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