Teacher Surprises Student With Cap And Gown

Georgia teacher Kimberly Wimbish has made it her life mission to make sure none of her students get left behind, which is why she was overjoyed when she found out one of her students, who had overcome incredible challenges, was going to graduate.

Wimbish, a special education teacher at Griffin High School, is used to dealing with challenging students and refused to give up when Jamias Howard, one of her most difficult students, entered her class. “It was like he didn’t trust anyone and he had up a wall. And before you got him, he was gonna get you,” Wimbish said.

“It was a challenge. It looked like he was never going to graduate, like he wasn’t going to be able to pull it together. All I could see was things not going well for him from that point on, had he not been given an opportunity to get it right, been given another chance.”

Photo by Good Morning America

“Jamias has had his challenges. He had additional challenges that wouldn’t afford him the opportunity to come to school to be educated,” Wimbish said. “I saw need, and I was able to fulfill that need. I had no problems volunteering to try to help him graduate.” So after finishing a full day of work at school, Wimbish volunteered her time to teach Jamias one-on-one. “We’d meet at the local library or a local park or Burger King, wherever he could walk to. We’d go through lessons and I’d grade him and I’d teach him. He really worked.”

So when Wimbish found out that Jamias was going to graduate, she decided to surprise him by hand delivering his cap and gown. “When I found out he had enough credits, I was just about to explode with excitement. He put in his time, and he worked, and I worked, and Lord knows it was a challenge, but it was well worth it.”

Photo by Facebook/Kimberly Wimbish

And when Jamias found out the amazing news, he was overwhelmed with emotion.  “Appreciate it, ma’am. I love you so much. Thank you so much for everything you do for me. Appreciate it,” Jamias told his determined teacher. “He said, ‘Mama you need to get home. You need to come home right now. I’m graduating,’” mom Trenia Howard said. “My eyes starting getting teary when I heard that.”

“Everything he’s been through, the challenges he’s faced, he’s going to be happy. I had no idea he would get so emotional. He always tried to be a tough guy, but I had to break those walls down,” Wimbish said.

Photo by Good Morning America

Watch the entire video below to see the awesome moment this teacher got to tell her student that he was going to graduate.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Kimberly Wimbish]

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