The 30 Must-Have Items From Kenzo x H&M

On November 3, Kenzo x HM will launch their full collaborative collection. For those unfamiliar with the Japanese-by-way-of-Paris fashion house, it was founded in 1970 by designer Kenzo Takada.

Takada was born in Japan in 1940, and he has the elite honor of being the first male student at Tokyo’s prestigious Bunka Fashion College. Other graduates include Rei Kawakubo of COMME des GARCONS, Jun Takashi of UNDERCOVER and NIGO of A Bathing Ape.

Takada moved to Paris in 1964, where he established his “Jungle Jap” boutique. He earned a reputation for his mix of animal print motifs and artful fusion of Asian and Japanese design details and textiles with atelier-level European production.

This was the guy that reinterpreted the Japanese kimono in a high-fashion context long before androgynous, super-drapey robe coats became a street style staple. His most famous fashion shows were held in 1978, with a literal circus tent as the venue, replete with performers on horseback and an elephant that the designer himself rode in on.

In 2011, Opening Ceremony founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim were tapped to helm the house Takada built and revitalized it with a vibrant, colorful energy rooted in streetwear staples. For a time, the new Kenzo’s New Era baseball caps and embroidered graphic logo sweatshirts were ubiquitous on the bodies of burgeoning Instagram influencers, fashion editors and the average consumer.

Before you shop the exhaustive 100+ piece Kenzo x HM collection, consider these choice garms that really embody what makes the label special.

Men’s Pieces

Kenzo x HM Coat, $249

This elongated bomber features a wild masculine leopard print, with a predominantly royal blue and black motif broken up by bright green tiger stripes and a neon pink tiger stripe lining.

The chain-link pattern bottom half can be zipped off, giving you a more conventional bomber length.

Kenzo x HM Hoodie, $99

This textured faux fur hoodie is for the bold, but it’s the sort of statement piece that perfectly channels Takada’s unique design language.

The patchwork construction gives it a distinctly Japanese appeal, though successfully pulling it off is going to be a challenge.

Kenzo x HM Leather Jacket, $399

On the surface, this versatile, Western-inspired quilted leather jacket seems quiet enough, with vintage-style yokes on the chest and tonal ribbing at the sleeves and neck.

However, the back graphic channels the appeal of embroidered souvenir jackets while giving enough psychedelic color to tie it back into the Kenzo universe.

Kenzo x HM Jeans, $99

Another subtle way to pull off Kenzo’s signature tiger stripes: consider this pair of dark washed denim.

They make a small statement that can easily be balanced out with a white tee and solid jacket.

Kenzo x HM T-shirt, $49.99

A tiger striped tee in a bold red is ideal for sneakerheads looking to let their Jordan 1 “Breds” shine.

Or if you’re really looking to flex, consider mixing it up with the upcoming “Top 3” Jordan 1s to really channel the mixed-up spirit of the Kenzo label.

Kenzo x HM Hat, $49.99

One of the most hyped items from Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s first outing at Kenzo was their collaborative New Era fitted caps, which eventually came out in psychedelic patterns that embodied the spirit of the brand.

This rendition balances a versatile black cap with a colorful logo and embroidered tiger, putting on just enough craziness while still remaining relatively tame.

Kenzo x HM Reversible Bomber, $199

The chain-link motif on the reverse side of this otherwise understated bomber jacket may be reminiscent of an equally dominant pattern in UNDERCOVER’s Fall 2016 line, but at least this jacket will set you back a lot less than most of Jun Takahashi’s covetable creations.

Kenzo x HM Sweater, $99

Part-Oscar the Grouch, part-grunge thrift store steez, this fuzzy turtleneck goes great with a pair of super distressed jeans and beat-up Doc Martens for a full-on ’90s vibe.

Kenzo x HM Sweatshirt, $59.99

Another of the most hyped pieces from Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s first Kenzo collection were the logo sweatshirts, which helped usher in a trend towards luxurious graphic crewnecks.

Fortunately, this version costs less than a hundred bucks.

Kenzo x HM Jacket, $349

Part-Coogi, all-Kenzo, this statement coat will keep you warm while letting people spot you from a mile away.

Again channeling Kenzo’s penchant for mixing animal prints and wild colors, the ribbed high-neck gives it the retro appeal of ’90s sportswear.

Kenzo x HM Patchwork Sweatshirt, $99

Balancing out the otherwise basic takes on Kenzo’s logo sweatshirts, this patchwork version mixes a variety of motifs on one piece.

Pricier than the other men’s sweatshirts, this design hews more closely to the label’s reputation for mixing and matching.

Kenzo x HM CPO Shirt, $99

Ah yes, something for the minimalists. This overshirt features a printed lining and a solid charcoal color on the outside, along with a red tab on the chest pocket, reminiscent of heritage brands like Levi’s.

Kenzo x HM Keychain, $34.99

No designer collaboration is complete without some tcotchkes to round it out, and Kenzo’s tiger stripe keychain, replete with charms, is one way to get a piece of the collection and Kenzo’s design heritage in a super subtle way.

Kenzo x HM Boot, $199

Chelsea boots are on the feet of every other stylish male these days, and this collaborative pair taps into Kenzo’s brightly-colored heritage with a deep green lug sole.

Kenzo x HM T-shirt, $34.99

Yeah, it’s a simple logo T-shirt—but can you ever have enough in your wardrobe? Of course not.

Women’s Pieces

Kenzo x HM Dress, $199

Kenzo Takada’s label gained renown for mixing Asian textiles with couture shapes and a European fashion sensibility. This elegant dress channels that with bold floral accents.

Kenzo x HM Coat, $249

If you’re gonna stunt this winter, might as well do it in a faux fur coat with elegant gold buttons, in line with Kenzo’s use of tiger stripes and bold color blocking.

Kenzo x HM Jacket, $299

Mixing a quilted bomber with kimono sleeves, grosgrain trim and floral embroidery, this winter layering piece captures Kenzo’s East-meets-West design language perfectly.

Kenzo x HM Bomber Sweater, $149

If you prefer your bombers a bit more traditional in silhouette, this textured color-blocked version fits the bill, while the bold chest pattern hits all the classic Kenzo notes.

Kenzo x HM Hat, $49.99

Technically the baseball cap is unisex, but the allover floral print gives it a slightly more feminine attitude—not that dudes couldn’t pull this off, too.

Kenzo x HM Shades, $49.99

With a bold shape and creamsicle color story, expect these attention-grabbing sunglasses to pop-up on a K-Pop celebrity sooner rather than later.

The orange and white allude to the constantly revisited tiger motifs in the Kenzo universe, plus they’re more affordable than your standard pair of designer shades.

Kenzo x HM Sweatshirt, $59.99

The Kenzo logo sweater is given a feminine touch with a frilled asymmetrical collar, and the bold orange color is contrasted by a subtler navy blue.

It works if you’re looking for something a bit loud—or happen to be a Mets or Knicks fan.

Kenzo x HM Shirt, $79.99

The standard blouse is reinterpreted in Kenzo’s signature tiger stripes, while a bright green is tempered with a black collar with beaded tigers and frill details.

Kenzo x HM Dress, $299

The dresses in this collaboration really allude to classic Kenzo Takada designs, and this psychedelic floral one with frilled shoulders especially stands out. It has a slight Frida Kahlo vibe to it as well.

Kenzo x HM Coat, $349

Considering Kenzo is one of the first houses to pioneer the kimono as a fashion piece, this kimono coat is the perfect outerwear silhouette that bridges the gap between Takada’s design legacy and HM’s commercial accessibility.

Kenzo x HM Turtleneck Top, $49.99

Casual turtleneck tops are having a moment, and this easy-wearing layer provides some extra warmth while infusing a bit of that Kenzo wild side into any wardrobe.

Kenzo x HM Small Tote, $129

Expect these Kenzo-branded tote bags to go fast. Available in two sizes, the smaller one isn’t just cheaper, but the perfect size for toting around daily essentials.

Kenzo x HM Shirt, $69.99

This pajama-inspired shirt is made of the same pattern that serves as the lining for an overshirt in the men’s offering. The colorful geometric shapes reflect a slightly preppier side of Kenzo.

Kenzo x HM Bootie, $299

These bold digital tiger stripe booties look like something that would end up on the feet of Rihanna soon. They’re a statement-making footwear piece that communicate serious style.

Kenzo x HM Tee, $34.99

Of course, if you’re itching just to have a piece of the collection you probably won’t tire of, you can never go wrong with a simple black logo tee.

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