The Best Bargains at Whole Foods, According to Employees

Courtesy of Whole Foods

Whole Foods is jokingly referred to as Whole Paycheck — often by the same jokesters who still think it’s clever to call Target Tar-jay. It ain’t. It’s also untrue, as there are tons of bargains in Whole Foods if you know where to look. That’s why we spoke to Whole Foods team members from across the country to steer us towards the top bargains in the store. Follow their lead and you’ll have plenty of money left over from grocery shopping to buy stylish threads at Tar-jay.

Wine by the case

“Our stores have the best local wine selection around, so much that I actually end up purchasing wine by the case in order to get 20% off! [Editor’s Note: Depending on the region and time you’re making the purchase, wine by the case can be up to 20% off — check your local wine shop for details.]” — Margie West (Morristown, New Jersey)

Coconut oil

“Everyone hears about the seemingly magical powers of coconut oil, but that little jar of oil can be expensive. Our 365 Everyday Value virgin and extra-virgin coconut oils are not only amazing and versatile, they’re a tremendous value. I almost don’t want to let the secret out.” — Maria Dimakos (San Fernando Valley, California)

Canned/boxed black beans

“I routinely fall back on our 365 Everyday Value items like canned black beans, brown rice, and frozen broccoli when I need to make a quick and nutritious dinner in a pinch — they’re quick and economical.” — Akua Woolbright (Detroit, Michigan)

Meal deal from prepared foods

“When I’m not in the mood to cook, I love picking up an entrée and two sides from the prepared-foods department. All items are made fresh in-house, and are much healthier than anything I’d order from a delivery app. Plus, with the amount of food you get for less than $12, it’s an amazing value.” — Jessica Koscialkowski (Lake Grove, New York)

Anything from the bulk bins

“Living in an NYC apartment with a roommate poses a problem when it comes to buying in bulk — there just isn’t space to store anything. That’s why I love the bulk bins. I can buy just enough of what I need without taking up too much space or wasting my ingredients.” — Claire Lewis (Brooklyn, New York)

Salon hair care products

“I’m a big fan of our Whole Foods Market salon hair care line. It’s made from up to 97% plant-derived ingredients and meets our standards, which means it’s free of parabens and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates — and everything is less than $10.” — Debbie Labelle (Park City, Utah)

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Lee Breslouer is a senior writer for Thrillist, and loves those meal deals. Follow him to dinner @LeeBreslouer.

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