The Best Fall Makeup Palettes of 2016

Not sure which blush to use for your skin tone? (And um, who is?) This palette cuts out the guesswork with three universally flattering shades, including two of Becca’s best sellers, Snap Dragon Luminous Blush (the glint-y coral on the right) and the peach-rose Songbird Mineral Blush in the center. And if you still need more guidance, we’ve got you covered.

$34 (

Everything you need for a complete fall look—five shadows ranging from gilt to oxblood and two rich lipsticks—is included in this plush palette.

$35 (

With a single swipe, you’ll get the perfect neutral no-makeup look with lots of glow and little effort (just like their new lip kits).

Why choose between highlighting, contouring, or just adding color to your cheeks when you could have a palette that offers all three?

This metallic gold vegan patent leather palette masquerades as a weekend-ready clutch. Unzip to unlock six shadows in shades of nude and lilac, a caramel bronzer, a moony highlighter, and a truly perfect peony-pink blush.

Take your lids to Paris without leaving the house. Every shade of this palette—from yes way rosé to velvety mauve—was inspired by ladies from the Left Bank.

$60 (

Allow this three-in-one palette to be your packing problem-solver. Eleven compartments house everything you need to pull-off velvety eyes, flush cheeks, and vibrant lips.

$12.57 (

Three shimmery shades to swirl together or wear apart. The center shade, a rose gold, works as a blush alternative on lighter complexions, and the bronze on the far right is ideal for subtle contouring on medium skin tones.

$39 (

Try out some unexpected shades—our favorites are the royal blue, emerald, and fuchsia—for less than $10. If you find the coverage too sheer, dip a thin, angled brush in water to transform the powders into a sooty liner.

$9.99 (

Unlike the cult-favorite original Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Palette, this comes with removable pans. Now you can easily restock your favorite shade when you run out, which, considering how ridiculously useful and wearable the colors are, might be sooner than you think.

$49 (

The four-shade Sola Look Flashdance Palette was obviously inspired by the iconic ’80s movie. The supercreamy shades are named after characters, themes, and songs from the flick: Alex (a beige caramel named after the main dancer played by Jennifer Beal), Jeanie (a brick hue, also Alex’s waitress pal), Maniac (a deep plum, and that song you know), and Passion (dark chocolate, and a line from “What a Feeling”).

$32 (

This exclusive palette was created with Kim Kardashian West’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, and when we posted about it, you guys went crazy. Naturally, one of the shades, a satin-finish taupe, was named after KKW. The fast-selling palette includes a mix of shimmery and matte shades—great for creating that signature Kardashian Klan smoke show eye.

$45 (

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