The Best Hairstyles for Men


Most guys don’t switch up their hairstyles with the seasons. But after a cold winter spent with your head buried in a knit hat or down hood, you may be ready to rock a new ’do. (Or maybe you’re just tired of your current cut.)

“I look first to the runways, because that’s where you’ll find the newest and most international looks,” says men’s grooming expert Diana Schmidtke, who has clipped and coiffed the likes of George Clooney and Jon Hamm.

While Schmidtke says the fashion world may be a great place to find inspiration, many of Hollywood’s leading men sport toned-down versions of those au courant cuts—versions you’d actually be willing to sport on your own noggin.

Here are 9 celebrity haircuts worth emulating, and how to successfully steal the look of their locks.


“This is a great example of an elegant, longer hairstyle that will look appropriate no matter what you’re wearing,” Schmidtke says.

If you think you have the hair to pull this off—longer, with a bit of curl—she recommends bringing a picture of Bomer to your stylist. “That’s really the easiest and best way for everyone to get on the same page,” she says.

Once you have the cut, a light cream or paste will help you finish off your new style, Schmidtke says.


“This is perfect for a guy with a little more curl, but who wants to keep his natural texture,” Schmidtke explains.

Most of your work will be right up front. To keep your hair off your forehead à la Redmayne, Schmidtke suggests grabbing a cream styling product.

“Gels don’t usually do well with curly hair,” she cautions. “Your curls will stick together or seem rock hard.”

(For more ways to steal the Oscar-winning actor’s style, check out Eddie Redmayne’s Keys to a Confident Look.)


Hamm has a classic cut that will work for men with straight, not-too-thick hair, Schmidtke says.

“It looks effortless, like he just ran his fingers through it,” she adds.

To achieve the look, she recommends a light paste. “Rub it in your hands to warm it up, then rake it through your hair with your fingers spread slightly apart,” she advises. This will avoid the product clumping your hair together.

Bonus: If you’re going to a wedding or formal event, you can grab a gel and achieve Hamm’s slicker Don Draper ’do.

(Should you use wax, pomade, or gel? Here’s how to Find the Right Product for Your Hairstyle.)


This short, cropped look can help hide thinness for men losing their hair (though that’s not a problem for Evans), Schmidtke says. It’s also easy to control for men with really dense hair, she adds.

For either hair type—but especially for guys with thinning hair—she recommends using a putty or clay for a matte finish.

“You want to deflect light from the scalp, so you don’t want anything with shine,” she says.


“What I like most about Zac’s look is that it’s always changing,” Schmidtke says.

You’ll need thick hair with at least a little curl to pull off Efron’s cut. But if you’ve got the hair for it and you let it grow out a bit, you can accomplish a number of looks.

Schmidtke says a little clay or paste can provide a less polished, more wind-blown look. Use more product to tighten things up if you’re headed to the office.


You’ll need thicker hair to try Pitt’s “Undercut” hairdo, Schmidtke says. Reach for a high-shine pomade to push back the hair on the top of your head, she suggests.

“But remember, we are just stylists!” she jokes. “We can’t make you look like Brad Pitt.”

Here’s the full breakdown on How to Pull off the Undercut Hairstyle.


Schmidtke calls Clooney’s tried-and-true look “Mad Men, with a little more volume.”

To copy it, towel dry your hair but leave it a little damp. Then, using a comb, sweep your hair back to create the part and work in a light gel or cream.

If you want a more natural look, run your hands through your hair. If you want to keep your style in place and looking immaculate, “finish” your styling with a light dusting of hair spray, Schmidtke advises.

(Are you going gray like George? Follow these 6 Ways to Make Gray Hair Work for You.)


Not a lot of men have hair as thick and textured as Duhamel’s, Schmidtke says. But if you do, applying a light product (again, like a cream or clay) to dry hair will help you achieve this look.

(If you apply something while your hair’s wet, that can weigh it down and take away your natural volume, she adds.)


Leto recently cut off his long hair for an upcoming movie, “but this look was the envy of both men and women all over the world,” Schmidtke says. Though she adds women were probably especially envious of Leto’s “perfect color tones.”

If you have the hair (and stones) to pull off this hairdo, you’re going to need a good stylist to help you color and layer your extra-long locks, Schmidtke says.

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