The Best Hand Creams ‘Cause Dry Hands Are The Worst

The Best Hand Creams 'Cause Dry Hands Are The Worst Hero Image

Hand cream is the one beauty product I often neglect to use, even though I should. Whose hands aren’t improved with a good, moisturizing hand lotion and yet, like so many people, I find the constant presence of moisturizer on my extremities annoying. Hand cream gets in the way of daily life and makes itself known when my attention should be elsewhere. I don’t want my avocado toast to taste of cocoa butter, or my laptop keys sticky. Oh, and I definitely don’t want greasy fingerprints on my bags.

Hands are tricky things, especially when left to their own devices: Ceaselessly returning to the body’s surface, where they make all sorts of moral and social mischief—plucking at scabs, picking at noses, straying toward “things” they shouldn’t. But it was only after a quick chat with natural beauty expert, makeup artist and herbalist Jessa Blades, that I started thinking about them and self-care a bit differently.

“After the FDA made the makers of antibacterial hand-sanitizing products submit data on safety and effectiveness, we’ve started to see a shift back towards good old-fashioned soap and water hand washing. Hallelujah I say! Our skin needs more TLC: We expose our hands to the sun, treat them harshly, make things with them, type on fingertips mercilessly…rubbing in lotion is way to poignantly pause, take a minute and breathe deeply into your spirit. Try massaging them, focusing on pressure points and praise them for the heavy lifting they do!”

I approached this article with strict criteria: does this cream a) make my hands look and feel better, and b) make me forget I’m wearing it? The seven below answered yes to both questions and will seamlessly slot into your beauty routines. Slather any on after hand-washing, or whenever hands feel parched. Ramp things up once a week by first washing hands in a body scrub (I currently love Black Chicken Love Your Body Polish) but ignore the packaging and use on dry, not wet, skin before rinsing off.


Massage Supergoop Forever Young Hand Cream SPF 40 with Sea Buckthorn into hands, paying attention to knuckles and fingertips. It’s non-sticky formula and firming peptides deliver UV protection in one stroke, plus sea buckthorn oil helps hyperpigmentation caused by UVA/UVB rays. (From $12)


Osmia Organics Vanilla Shea Hand Cream Organic is a yummy blend of redness-reducing aloe vera juice, rich but fast absorbing organic shea butter and vanilla. Its regenerative powers can help heal even the most miserable, cracked hands so they’ll be fortified for the next day’s worth of wind-whipping. ($24)


Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream is rich in inflammation-reducing fatty acids, making it the ultimate anti-chap multi-tasker. Pomegranate juice stimulates cell renewal and keeps your hands baby soft and protected. Dab it on liberally and often or (and this is a little secret of mine) dot it on cheekbones for an instant healthy glow—yup, it’s a brilliant illuminator! Sssssssh…($12.50)

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