The Deal Has Been Made! Netflix Movies And Series Available On Comcast Starting Today

Your favorite series and movies on Netflix can now, for millions of people, be viewed on Comcast. When Netflix transitioned from an online DVD rental service to a streaming network, many people opted out of Comcast, choosing to view their favorite movies and series via the new innovative technology. And some still utilize both cable and Netflix. Traditionally, subscribers use Netflix through gaming consoles, laptops, cell phones, smart TV’s, etc. But now, people who have Comcast’s Xfinity X1 platform can enjoy Netflix directly from their cable box.

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Although it had been rumored, many thought the day would never come when Netflix would make a deal with a major U.S. cable company, or vice versa; Netflix has had a direct impact on major cable outlets. But as USA Today reported, the Netflix and Comcast deal has been made! Netflix CEO Reed Hastings commented on this.

“[This is] the most convenient UI (user interface) we’ve ever had…Fundamentally, we are a channel like HBO. We have got amazing content. So, from the consumer’s perspective, we ought to be integrated.”

In the last year, Netflix has seen a decline of subscribers. Comcast also saw a decline, but with their new X1 the cable company has seen a higher retention of customers. Both companies are hopeful that this will be mutually beneficial.

The companies were hoping the rollout would begin on Friday, November 4, 2016, and it has. This reporter just watched an episode of Frasier on Netflix through the X1 platform. There are two ways to reach Netflix through X1. The easiest is by pressing the microphone button and simply saying, “Netflix.” The other way is to press the “Xfinity” button, select “APPS,” and you will find it under “Entertainment.” Once in the Netflix section you can either sign up or sign in.

For those that watch Netflix in the traditional way of mobile devices or laptops, clearly the experience is richer on a TV. For those that used Netflix on their televisions via an HDMI cord from the laptop, or from a gaming console or a smart TV, there are still advantages of using Netflix on X1.

This reporter used to access Netflix from a smart TV, so this is from that viewpoint. As many people are aware, the Netflix app on smart TVs often has issues. Because most smart TV users access Netflix with a wireless connection, there are issues: quality of the video dropping from HD to SD while watching movies or series, content freezing and reloading, and errors like “cannot play title at this time.” Because Netflix on X1 is done through cable, not via a wireless connection, it seems everything is much smoother.

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Many subscribers have multiple users within their Netflix account. Rather than choosing the “username” each time you go to Netflix, it takes you right to where you left off. This reporter exited Netflix to glance at the NFL Channel, went back to Netflix, and it took me directly to the episode of Frasier that was being viewed. Very convenient!

Cable companies often have a reputation for being very difficult, at least X1 provides a fun experience thanks to technology. For those Comcast Cable customers, or would-be customers, that were contemplating making the leap to Xfinity X1, there are many reasons to do this. They resourcefully utilize technology. With the “microphone” feature you can simply say the channel you want to turn to or the movie or series you want to watch, and it will instantly take you there. You can even ask about traffic or the weather and it will give you that information.

Today we’re filming the behind the scenes story of the X1 Voice Remote. There’s a stellar team behind it @comcastcareers #meetcomcast

There are also APPS where you can view your social media photos, listen to Pandora, or even check on stocks or see your daily horoscope. You can also look at live scores from all major sports on a side panel while watching TV. In addition, your DVR recordings are available for viewing on mobile devices.

Some of the best movies and series can be found on Netflix. Movies range from classic titles like The Princess Bride to newer releases like London Has Fallen and Zootopia. But most agree that their original content is the most popular. Original series like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Marvel shows like Jessica Jones, seem to be what people binge-watch the most.

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Like HBO or Showtime, Netflix is constantly updating their movie library and creating original content. But unlike HBO or Showtime, Netflix also has a vast library of television shows. Their selection of series includes many classics like Quantum Leap, as well as modern shows like How to Get Away with Murder(currently the first two seasons). For those that have not yet tried Netflix, they offer a free month trial period which you can sign up for through the X1 APP.


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Because of the recent deal between the two companies, the best series and movies on Netflix can now be enjoyed on X1.

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