The One Haircut That All Women Love on Their Men

The last couple of years have been liberating for men’s hairstyles. In 2013, we saw the rise of the carefully-sculpted Timberlake pompadour; 2014 birthed the man bun; 2015 gave us Jon Snow’s wild curls. With so many options, it’s time for men to step back and get a second opinion-her’s. To figure out the best ‘do for you, we asked some of the most stylish women in the game to weigh in on their favorite men’s cuts. The verdict? Well, let’s just say you can stop growing out your hair now.

Leandra Medine, Author and Fashion Blogger

“I like the hair I have come to call the ‘Freeman’s cut,’ which is when the hair is cut shorter on the sides of a man’s head, but left about two inches longer on top. I find it to be a really easy way to fake cool, or add a dimension of personality that says, ‘Hey, when this suit comes off, I enjoy a bottle of beer and good conversation.’ “

Eunice Lee, Designer

“I like the idea of a low maintenance cut. I find it sexy when a guy’s hairstyle looks effortless, rather than precious. I have a thing for short hair with some edge-tight on the sides, longer on the top-but what looks best depends on his lifestyle and face shape. In general, I pay attention to how natural the fade of the sideburns and back of the head look. It all comes down to having a really great barber.”

Ilaria Urbinati, Celebrity Stylist

“If he has semi-straight hair, I like the Christian Bale, or the look of the straight-forward hot dude who isn’t trying too hard. If he’s blessed with an awesome head of wavy hair, then I’m into the style of Edward Cullen-era Robert Pattinson. It says, ‘What? I just happen to look this cool with no effort.’ For curly hair, I prefer the Orlando Bloom-when he doesn’t let it get too long. I don’t like pirate/Jesus hair, which comes off as douche-y. The secret to curly hair is keeping it shorter on the sides. Lastly, for the fashioned-advanced set in their 50s and older, I like the hair short or totally shaved on the sides. Slick it with a suit, and that’ll give you a sleek, rockabilly vibe.”

Caroline Issa, Designer and Fashion Director

“A close crop to the head-a la Paul Newman-always looks great. But above all, a guy should pick a haircut that suits his face, and he should know when to switch it up. Sadly, guys often let their hair date them; they need to realize that what made them look cool as a 25-year-old kid isn’t what looks best for a 55-year-old man. In some ways, losing hair can be a godsend.”

Ashley Weston, Celebrity Stylist

“My number one is what you’d call the ‘new pompadour,’ when the cut is tight and tapered on the sides, but longer and textured on the top. You’ve seen this classic cut on everyone from James Dean to David Beckham, and it looks great no matter what you’re wearing. Also, when it’s styled a bit messy, the masculinity factor instantly goes up. I find it very sexy. When the hair’s finger-combed, a woman wants to run her hands through it.”

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