The Only 2 Adjustments It Took To Change My Eating Habits For Good

If everyone knows that eating healthier food can dramatically improve our lives, why aren’t we all doing it?

The reality is we all want to eat healthier. But that’s easier said than done in today’s society. Everywhere we go, it seems, we are offered junk food that makes it incredibly difficult to maintain a healthy diet.

Through the years, I’ve looked for ways to make healthy eating a habit. Here are a few tactics that have helped me immensely:

1. I eat the same meals every day.

By eating similar meals every day and limiting your choices, you can completely take the stress out of eating. Then, once you feel like you’ve developed the habit of eating healthy, you can gradually add in some more variety.

Good habits are just as difficult to break as bad ones, so healthy eating becomes easier the more you practice it. All you have to do is develop a routine. Here’s a look into my daily meal plan:


  • Breakfast: Black coffee or tea (I do intermittent fasting)
  • t

  • Lunch: Locally made sausages, eggs, vegetables
  • t

  • Dinner: Salmon, sweet potato, black kale

2. I try to lessen my “junk” triggers.

It’s very difficult to eat healthy when you’re constantly surrounded by sugar and snacks. Sadly, these are the foods most ubiquitous in our culture, and they’re nearly impossible to ignore completely. But we can work to mitigate our exposure to them. Here’s how to do it at home, work, or school and the grocery store:


Keeping junk food in your home is the worst mistake you can make if you’re trying to break an unhealthy eating habit. A house full of snacks can easily lead to binge eating, stress eating, eating out of boredom, and late-night snacking.

If you are truly craving a snack, walk to the store to get it. This way, you’ll get a little exercise and have time to think about your food choices.

Work and school

The best strategy for avoiding poor food choices at work or at school is bringing a lunch from home. Making sure to pack a filling lunch also lessens the chances of hunger pangs and snacking later in the day.

Grocery store

The grocery store is the place that will either make or break your diet. What you ultimately choose to put in your cart will set up your eating for the week, so I recommend only buying what’s on your grocery list. Go directly to those foods, pick ’em up, then walk away. The less browsing through the aisles you do, the better.

I have also found that traveling around the outside edges of the grocery store is the best route. Avoid what I call “temptation island”-those aisles in the middle of the store full of processed foods-at all costs.

After I started using these strategies and finally broke my bad eating habits, I began to notice a shift in my relationship with body and the food I was putting in it. Those few seconds of mouth pleasure that I got from eating junk food were no longer worth the negative feelings that followed.

Before, it had seemed arbitrary to me that some foods can make you feel good and some can make you feel bad. Yet, once I made that profound connection, eating healthy became effortless.

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