These RAW Nike Air Force Ones Are Designed To Blow Your Mind

RAW Nike Air Force Ones are real, and when you see them you’ll want a pair for yourself immediately. The RAW Nike Air Force Ones we’re talking about go way beyond the standard fare of pot-themed hemp shoes that seem to pop up every year around 4/20. These sneakers are the real deal.

These are the perfect shoes for only the most committed cannabis enthusiast. These beauties are the genius creation of custom shoe designer

The guy behind this company has already built himself a reputation as one of the most innovative shoe designers out there, but he’s taken his game to an all new level with this one.

The design starts with a pair of high top Nike Air Force Ones and then tricks it out with a crazy pattern of bright green cannabis leaves set against a black backdrop.

The design is offset by a contrasting red Nike swoosh and a tan sole that can only be a subtle nod to that other member of the cannabis family, hemp.

When you go out with these RAW Nike Air Force Ones strapped to your feet you’re making your love of the sticky icky loud and clear. There will be no confusion. You’re a proud lover of all things cannabis.

But these shoes rank high in categories other than style points.

That’s because these sneakers are also functional. That’s right. Not only do they let you publicly celebrate your love of cannabis, they also make it more convenient to light up.

The shoe’s velcro strap has been redesigned to sport the RAW rolling papers logo.

The strap has also been adapted so it wraps around the heel of the show, where it securely holds in place a specialized RAW edition Clipper lighter.

RAW Nike Air Force Ones

The whole thing has been so carefully crafted that the color of the lighter perfectly matches the color scheme of the rest of the shoe.

And if you’ve never used a Clipper lighter, get ready. These things are made for smoking weed.

Clipper lighters are refillable, which means they’re cheaper and more long lasting than your standard Bic. The removable flint arm doubles as a super handy packing tool to help you tamp down your herb.

The round shape of the lighter makes it perfect for packing down a bowl full of green. And the flat edge makes it easy to collect ground up herb into a pile so you can use it to fill your joint, blunt, bowl, or whatever else you prefer.

Trust us, these RAW Nike Air Force Ones are the last word in cannabis fashion. They’re stylish and functional, everything serious cannabis consumers need.

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