This 8-year-old started a cookie empire to buy a house for his single mom

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Most 8-year-olds are busy with after-school activities, focused on snack time and trying to get their homework done.

Of course, most 8-year-olds also have a sweet tooth and would do anything to get their hands on a dozen of fresh-baked cookies.

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Jalen Bailey of Fresno, California is just like any other 8-year-old in that manner, except instead of waiting for his mom to bake him up a fresh batch of sweet treats, he’s in the kitchen making them himself.

And he’s not just baking for fun – he’s currently CEO of Jalen’s Bakery, which has raised over $5K on GoFundMe to date in order to expand and grow his business and services.

Take a look through Jalen’s baking adventures and finished treats:

But the most touching thing of all isn’t the fire in Jalen’s entrepreneurial spirit or his dedication to baking.

It’s the reason behind all of that – to one day buy a house for him and his single mom, Sharhonda.

Jalen told ABC 30:

“I wanted to save up a lot of money to get a house. I just want one that me and my mom can be happy in.”

Available online are oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter cookies, white and chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip cookies (all for $10 a dozen), as well as heart-shaped chocolate cupcakes ($20 for 12) and banana bread ($11 per loaf).

Jalen’s Bakery delivers locally to the Fresno area but his website reports that they are “working on delivering nationwide.”

Jalen’s mother is proud of her son and his dedication, telling ABC 30:

“I’ve had side businesses since I was 18 so I felt that it was something he needed to learn. If he wanted to be an entrepreneur when he grows up or it’s something he wanted to do on the side.”

Through Jalen’s GoFundMe page, he hopes to raise enough funds to “fulfill online ordering and shipping nationwide, and overall expand his business.”

But what’s most important, is that Jalen seems to have figured out what makes him stand out amongst other bakers and entrepreneurs.

As he told The Fresno Bee:

“My secret recipe is: Made with love!”

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