This iPhone 7 video review from a hardcore Android fan is making Android users want to switch

iPhone 7 Plus Review
iPhone 7 Plus Review

We recently discussed how trivial and ridiculous it is to judge a person by what type of smartphone he or she uses. In fact, it’s absolutely preposterous to concern yourself even the slightest bit with what type of phone complete strangers might use. Unless you have some sort of vested interest, the iPhone vs. Android argument matters in one way and one way only: If you are personally looking for a new smartphone and you’re trying to decide which platform to adopt.

If you find yourself in that situation right now, you should definitely check out a new iPhone 7 Plus video review that was posted by a hardcore Android fan. Is your first instinct to think that it’s biased just because an Android user posted it? Well, think again.

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I’ve received dozens of emails since that post ran last week, and most of them were positive (sorry if I didn’t respond to yours, but I tried to cover as many as I could). Interestingly, more than one email included a link to a recent video review of the iPhone 7 Plus as an example of an open-minded iPhone review coming from a hardcore Android fan.

The hardcore Android fan in question is YouTube user Armando Ferreira. I hadn’t heard of Ferreira before seeing this video so I don’t know how deeply he was entrenched in Android, but he does mention a long history of rooting Android phones and he seems to know his stuff. He noted in the beginning of his video that Android has progressed to the point where he no longer has any desire to root his phones, but he also says iOS has seen a number of enhancements in recent years that have put it on par with Android in terms of functionality.

Interestingly, a number of people who emailed me said that this video has them thinking about switching from Android to iOS. In fact, a thread was posted on Monday on Reddit covering this very same video, and the person who posted it says he or she is an Android user who is switching after having watched this iPhone 7 Plus video review.

Everything covered in the video, which is modestly titled “The BEST iPhone 7 Plus Review from an Android User,” has been covered before. But Ferreira’s levelheaded approach coupled with his history as a savvy Android user is apparently drawing some attention. You’ll find the full video embedded below.

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