Twitterati trolls Rajdeep Sardesai’s ‘interview of the decade’ with Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi recently gave her first television interview after almost a decade. Talking to India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai, the Congress president had a lot to say about her mother-in-law Indira Gandhi, the comparisons between PM Narendra Modi and Indira Gandhi, and her staunch belief that the party will surely come back to power. But interestingly, what was left unspoken made more news on social media than what was talked about in the interview. Sardesai’s little or no inquiry about Gandhi and the Emergency and the scams that the Congress party was involved in, did not go unnoticed, and in no time, people took to the Internet to evaluate what was touted the “interview of the decade”.

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Many criticised the interview as what rather seemed like a “lovely, adorable” chit-chat between the two, others were reminded how everyone criticised Arnab Goswami for his “soft” interview with PM Modi, of which this seemed nothing less than a repetition.

Many joked how the conversation seemed scripted, and that Sardesai must have already sent her the questions, so she came prepared. Many people on the Internet also thought the interview seemed just another “saas-bahu serial scene”!

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While a majority conceded how the interview left many questions unanswered, the tweets pertaining to the interview sure did some talking! Sample some of the tweets here!

Rajdeep reviewing his own interview with Sonia. ?#SoniaSpeaksUp #दिल्ली_फंसी_दल्लो_में

– Devesh Sharma (@devesh_s_sharma) November 21, 2016

RS: Ppl say i m ur darbari journo! Here’s a tough ques..
SG: 2G? 3G? CWG? Coal..
RS: No!Y did kattapa kill bahubali?

– Keh Ke Peheno (@coolfunnytshirt) November 21, 2016

. @coolfunnytshirt

RS: What about 2G?

Sonia : Even I like gautam gambhir. He should have been given chance to play one more test.

– Heerahee (@Heerahee) November 21, 2016

Rajdeep described Sonia Gandhi interview “biggest of the decade”. Great to see hard hitting questions like “Describe Indira” “How is Rahul?”

– Hardik Rajgor (@Hardism) November 21, 2016

Takeaway frm ‘biggest interview of d decade’
1#IndiraGandhi ws awesome
2#SoniaGandhi loved her mil
3 Sonia wont ever give a real intrview

– Swati Goel Sharma (@swati_gs) November 21, 2016

After Rajdeep interviewed Sonia

– ????? ???? (@indiantweeter) November 22, 2016

SoGa: Rajdeep?
Rajdeep: Yes ma’am
SoGa: Sent you answers, prepare questions for the interview
Rajdeep: _/_#SoniaSpeaksUp

– PhD in Bak***** !! (@Atheist_Krishna) November 21, 2016

Rajdeep~Interview went according to the plan
R~Bharat Ratna for me?
SoGa~Jab RaGa PM banega
R~Matlab kabhi nahi#SoniaSpeaksUp

– PhD in Bak***** !! (@Atheist_Krishna) November 21, 2016

MOTHER of all SCAMS speaks to FATHER of FAKE reporting on how to build a Perfect India! Amen!#SoniaGandhi #SoniaSpeaksUp Rajdeep Sardesai

– Navin Pai Raikar (@NavinRaikar) November 21, 2016

Interview of #SoniaGandhi and #rajdeep is more like a saas bahu serial should be broadcasted on star plus for more trp #SoniaSpeaksUp

– an old man !! (@aCommonHindu) November 21, 2016

What a beautiful tender adorable interview – @sardesairajdeep talks to #Cong President #Sonia Gandhi – on air now @IndiaToday

– vikram gulati (@vikram140gulati) November 21, 2016

Did you watch the interview? If not, you can watch the video here.

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