Watch This Woman Add Three Cup Sizes to her Boobs With Contouring

From what I can tell, YouTuber Natalie Boucher has pretty big breasts to begin with; however, in a how-to that Huda Kattan reposted recently, Boucher shows you how to make your bust look even fuller – and it’s kind of insanely amazing.

Here’s the longer version, so you can follow along:

After watching the video on loop (and gathering the product call-outs in her captions on Instagram and YouTube), check out this breakdown of what Boucher did to boost the size of her breasts:

1. Create shadows with contour. Boucher outlined her breasts, and drew “V”s at the base and sides of her neck, two stripes outlining her collarbones, and a vertical line along the sides of her armpits using a foundation stick (Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation Stick in “Cappuccino”) that’s a few shades darker than her natural skin tone.

2. Highlight with a lighter contour cream. She used a contrasting light shade (the lightest shade in the Australis Cream Contouring Kit) to highlight within the contouring.

3. Blend. Using the brush you used to apply the lighter shade, blend that into your skin seamlessly, and then take a clean brush and blend in the darker shade flawlessly.

4. Blend some more with a makeup sponge. That way there aren’t any obvious lines.

5. Set the contour and highlighter with pressed powder and a huge fluffy brush. Boucher used Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder in “Medium Tan.”

6. With a darker powder, retrace where you originally contoured. Boucher used the middle shade (a deep taupe) in the Australis Contour Kit to outline in between her breasts, the tops of her breasts, the sides of her collarbones, and her outer armpits.

7. Blend even more. She then took a huge fluffy brush and blended the deeper powder in a bit more.

8. Top your original highlighter with a shimmery pressed powder. Boucher used a fan brush and swiped it over Urban Decay Naked Illuminator in “Aura” to set and amp up the highlighter she applied in step 2.

9. Top the highlighter with even more shimmer powder. This will make features like the tops of your breasts, your shoulders, and your collarbones pop. Boucher used Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in “Opal.”

10. Add even more drama with a push-up bra. Boucher boosted her results by slipping on a push-up bra from Cotton On Up2 Push-Up Bra.

Boom: Bigger boobs in six minutes! Dayummmm.

I tried my own boob contouring earlier this year, and, while this isn’t news, contouring your chest is a legit thing. It took me from a solid A-/B+ to a legit-looking C-cup.

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